The offseason can be a long time to keep up healthy habits. No one knows this better than 17-year veteran Shaquille O’Neal.

It has been well-reported that O’Neal has worked himself into tip-top shape during his stay in Phoenix, but few know how hard the Diesel has worked to re-modeled himself back into All-Star shape. Besides working with Head Suns Athletic Trainer Aaron Nelson and Ultimate Fighting Champion Royce Gracie on his body during last offseason, O’Neal began watching what he eats a lot more intensely.

In fact, he’s been chirping a lot about his diet on Twitter as of late. Shaq tweeted the other day, “Pwer bar for breakfast Hour of fighting Turkey wrap water n protein smoothie Bout to go wrkout again,” as well as “just had a bowl of heart to heart kashi cereal, not bad, on my way bak to shaq 24 hour fitness, 8 pack here I come.” He even divulged one of his training “secrets” when he linked one of his tweets to a company that makes antioxidant strips that he uses.

Throughout this past season, Shaq has been picking the brain of fellow teammates Steve Nash and Grant Hill for dietary tips, cutting out a lot of unnecessary junk food. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy to avoid junk in the NBA.

One of the customary rituals for the Suns is to have the rookies bring doughnuts every day to practice. And unfortunately for Shaq, it became one of the foods that he refrained from eating.

In his latest home video that he appeared on, Shaq hilariously showed how difficult it is from him to avoid Krispy Kreme doughnuts. However, the big fella has remained true to his training and diet, prohibiting himself from the tasty treats.

We’ve witnessed it. He walks right by the boxes.

But at least he’s having fun with the sacrifice. Check out the always comical O’Neal in his video by clicking here.

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