“All Access” at NBA.com recently caught up with Phoenix Suns forward Amar’e Stoudemire for an exclusive video interview.  The three-time All-Star was not asked to discuss his on-court talents, but was instead quizzed on another skill: spelling.

Upon entering the league, Stoudemire’s name was often spelled incorrectly by many media personnel as Amare or Amaré. After Amar’e set the record straight with the media, NBA.com quickly turned the tables by asking him to spell the names of other players around the league.

Rolling easily through the first three names (two of them being Suns teammates), Amar’e stumbled toward the finish. The most difficult name for Stoudemire was that of a former high school teammate Kelenna Azubuike. When asked to spell the name, Amar’e admitted, “I am not even going to come close to knowing how to spell his name. It’s hard to pronounce his name.”

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