Dan Hilton will be following the Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam live during the first half on Friday night.  Check back throughout the game for insights you won’t get anywhere else!

8:02 pm – The rookies are up by only three at halftime after Green made an amazing halfcourt shot at the buzzer.  It’s been a very entertaining game.  I think it goes to show what type of players the NBA has to look forward to.  This is a great showcase to see what these guys can do when the veterans aren’t around.  And they should only get better as they get more time in the league.   

7:58 pm - The announcer just said that Corbin Bleu is performing.  And I thought it was loud before.  Not sure my ears can take too much more of this – although the game has been very entertaining!  I guess I’m getting a little too old for all the screaming.  

7:52 pm - Amare Stoudemire made a surprise appearance and the kids went nuts.  Especially one kid who was on the stage who couldn’t see him until they let him turn around.  What a great experience for that kid!

7:51 pm - The rookies may have the lead (although the sophomores have cut it to 3) but the sophomores definitely have the better dunks.  Not sure if it is experience or just natural ability the sophomores have.7:45 pm - The rookies are up 41-33 with about 7 minutes to go in the first half.  The game is definitely a fast back-and-forth game.  These guys must be young.

7:42 pm - Something you don’t hear at an NBA game every day: The entire crowd singing along to the organ playing “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”  

7:39 -  Kevin Durant just had a monster break-away dunk that got the crowd screaming (of course, they were screaming before that as well.  They haven’t stopped screaming since the game started).  

7:34 - Another timeout with about 10 minutes to go in the first half.  The rookies are up 29-24.  They’re slowly pulling away.  Even if it is only a point since the last update.

7:24 - Wow, that changed really quickly!  The rookies are now up 19-15.  That’s a 12 to 2 run they just went on and the sophomores called a timeout.  Should be interesting to see what the sophomores come back with after the timeout.

7:21 pm - Sophomores are currently beating the rookies 13-7 but the rookies have had some great moves and break-away dunks.  They just haven’t had enough of them to cut into that lead.



7:14 pm – The game is about to begin and it is LOUD in here.  I didn’t know what the Youth Jam part of the evening meant until I got into the arena itself and heard thousands of young voices screaming all at once.  And I thought it was loud when my three kids had too much energy!  It looks like all the kids who got tickets tonight were given pink shirts and signs and they are all wearing the shirts, waving the signs and screaming at the top of their lungs.  It should be a fun evening.

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