(Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

(Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Amar’e Stoudemire, who created a created the Each One Teach One Foundation to help at at-risk youths after arriving in the NBA, appeared on a Sports Illustrated for Kids’ radio show for a short Q&A yesterday.

The SI Kids show that featured Stoudemire, which was hosted by Professor Paul Ulane, consisted of questions that were e-mailed by listeners to the station. STAT fielded questions on a variety of subjects, including which pro players he admired growing up, which sports he played as a kid, how old he was when he first dunked a basketball and how the Suns break a zone defense.

The five-time All-Star revealed his unique middle name, why he wears the No. 1, who is the toughest player in the NBA to guard, his greatest basketball accomplishment and his favorite 2Pac song.

When Ulane asked STAT about his dreams as a kid, he told listeners, “I always dreamed of being in the NBA. That was my dream for as long as I could remember.”

After covering a variety of subjects, Stoudemire left his youthful listeners with a powerful message, “Stay in the school. Never be afraid to smart.”

You can listen to the entire segment by clicking here.

  • Luke

    DONT TRADE AMARE!!!!!!!! It’ll prove to be the worst trade in Suns history if you do.