’s Bill Simmons interviewed Phoenix Suns GM, Steve Kerr, on his aptly named podcast, “The BS Report,” this week.

I know I said this about Amare Stoudemire and Mike D’Antoni in my rundown of the Newsroom Grand Opening earlier this month, but Steve Kerr is a great interviewee. He has the best stories to share.

And Simmons is a pretty good interviewer, too. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that he asks the questions fans want to ask. That’s why I found this podcast so interesting. If you go to any Suns fan blog or discussion board, a lot of the questions people are bringing up these days are brought up by Simmons in this interview.

Run-down of topics they discuss:

  • How Kerr found out that Larry Bird was going to retire
  • Kerr’s moving from announcing at TNT to the GM of the Suns
  • Why the Suns traded Kurt Thomas
  • Steve’s thoughts on the luxury tax
  • Are NBA general managers getting smarter?
  • How the Suns justified giving up two first-round picks in the Thomas trade
  • How getting rid of the hand-checking rules helped the Suns
  • Discussion of why Kerr should have been the MVP of the 1997 NBA Finals
  • What it was like to play with Michael Jordan
  • How the chemistry is between players on the Suns team
  • What Kerr learned when he played with the 2002 Trail Blazers
  • The difference between Jordan and Tim Duncan
  • The FIBA Americas games in Las Vegas
  • KG moving to the Celtics (you didn’t think Simmons would go the whole podcast without mentioning his beloved Celtics, did you?)
  • The 202007 playoffs and whether the Suns are still in angst over what happened
  • Why Boris Diaw is the sleeper pick in Fantasy Basketball this year

This is a good listen and it really gives you some insight you may not have had before in not only the Suns, but also into the type of person Kerr is and maybe even what type of a GM he’ll be. He has been on championship teams wherever he has gone in his career so I have high hopes for the 202007-08 team. What are your thoughts on the podcast?

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