Films debuting during the summer months is nothing new. For years movie goers have come to expect the best titles and brightest stars to come out and shine in theaters from May to August. This summer though, fans get to see one of their favorite stars debuting in a different medium.

That star is the Phoenix Suns’ all-everything point guard Steve Nash who is giving his unique take on this summer’s blockbuster movies and blockbusters — the movies not the defunct video rental chain — from summers past. The all-star, along with the new YouTube channel “The NOC TV,” shot and distributed the unique takes for a series called Nash, Camera, Action.

NOC TV co-founder John Hirsch thought Nash’s gregarious online personality would be perfect for the upstart online channel, which was created to give sports fans a chance to see a side of athletes they don’t usually get to see.

“Steve is such a great character,” Hirsch told “He has such a creative side to him. We’re just so excited that we’re one of the places he gets to display that creativity.”

In the first two installments of Nash, Camera, Action, the playmaker takes on the Paranormal Activity series, Star Wars and The Amazing Spider-man. It is a concept Nash, his production company and NOC TV worked together on.

“We worked together to figure out what would make sense in term of what movies to parody and what would be good for Steve,” the channel’s co-founder explained. “Steve was really involved in coming up with what he wanted to do. I would say it was a collaborative process.”

That process led to eight episodes covering numerous movies, but Hirsch isn’t willing to let the cat out of the bag as to which other familiar films Nash will be spoofing in the coming weeks and months.

“I think if you think about what those big tent pole movies are this summer, we’ll have something for everybody around those, and those movies that are top of mind that are classic with a little twist to them are some of the other ones we’ll be doing.”

Does that mean we’ll be seeing Nash take a turn as the Dark Knight or the entire cast of The Expendables. Or could he be re-enacting scenes from such classics as Cocktail and Weekend at Bernie’s? (What, you don’t consider those last two to be cinematic classics?) Only time will tell.

So pull up a seat, grab some popcorn, a soda and a sugary snack and enjoy Steve Nash’s latest starring roles. They just might be better than paying $9 a ticket to see the real thing.

Which movie do you want to see Steve spoof next?

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