(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

So maybe the Pistons are injury-depleted, offensively challenged, and road-weary.

Okay, there’s no maybe about it.

But those caveats aside, you still had to be impressed with just about every phase of this performance by the Suns. They moved the ball well, they shot it well, they defended energetically, and in general they did exactly what you’re supposed to do against an injury-depleted, offensively challenged, and road-weary opponent.

Not only that, but Coach Alvin was able to rest his starters almost all of the fourth period, and his bench dominated almost as much as the starters. And he had to be particularly impressed by the play of backup point guard Goran Dragic. This is a position that is almost always mentioned as a weakness for the Suns, but Drajic continues to improve in the two areas he needs the most work—judgment and confidence.

The Suns have looked so unexpectedly good coming out of the gate that many citizens on Planet Orange are starting to pinch themselves to make sure they’re not dreaming, or alternatively, getting too giddy too soon.

Indeed, as a defense against such feelings they are looking for clouds in their silver lining–  deceptively easy schedule, rebounding and defensive shortcomings that will eventually bring them down to their pre-assigned slot in the West, i.e., 8th, etc., etc.

But be of good cheer. The team’s fast start is not THAT misleading. Translation: You can confidently believe quite a bit of what you see, and add some bonus faith for the way the players have bonded with each other, their coach, and the system.

A month ago there was absolutely no reason to think title, and frankly there still isn’t. But on the basis of the admittedly small sample we’ve seen so far there’s e every reason to think third or fourth seed. Maybe even a second if you’re of glass-half-full persuasion.

The bottom line: Suns fans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  • BCBALL’94

    Hey fellow suns fans…awesome win, the boys looked great. Just lovin the energy and effort that J-dud and Loooouuuuu are bringing off the bench. Kid Canada is looking scary. The start is definitely unexpected but welcome. Tryin not let me get ahead of myself. Think that a 3 or 4 seed would be amazing…but a 5 /6 seed more likely. Hope we keep it rollin!!!


    Hope your holiday is a good one Joe. Yes, this Suns fan is smiling and yes I have pinched myself more than once already this season just to make sure I’m not dreaming. Amare looks to be all the way back now. Drajic is a HUGE surprise. Barbossa is coming along, and Lopez will be coming back to add another element to an already very good bench. Suns had that “something special” again tonight against Detroit and they are a tough bunch to handle when it kicks in. Make no mistake, we will continue to have problems with the back to backs ( father time waits for no one) but this year I think we don’t have to concede every game when the three’s don’t fall or the fast breaks are limited. Suns are a more diverse team than in previous years, and maybe thats the element we have been missing? Whatever seed we end up one thing is for sure, if everybody is healthy I would not count the Suns out against any team in the NBA.

  • Don

    Hey nobody can expect a championship but who would have thought last summer that come thanksgiving we would we would be having this much fun.When they do make the playoffs mabey we should bring back the old cinderella suns tag from the 70s

  • geniusacamel

    Absolute nonsense.The Suns are already firm contenders for the title and I believe we will win it.3rd or 4th seed?Have you seen the standings lately?And what of the Suns having played most of their early games on the road?Know your basketball,folks.

  • Kwesi

    Hopefully the players/coach are not thinking 2/3 seed, we want them thinking 1 seed and a championship, or whats the point.

    Realistically, they probably won’t finish ahead of the Lakers and possibly the Nuggets, but I sure hope they are at least aiming for the top spot, we may not get it but don’t aim low.

  • BCBALL’94

    wow geniusacamel…seemed to have struck a nerve. no need for the jabs about knowing your basketball…The fact that 17 of our first 26 are on the road has not escaped me. This start is better than anyone could’ve asked for but keep in mind that a long road trip looms. Couple that with the fact that the spurs are not healthy yet, Gasol is back for the lakers (man I hate them!), and nuggets, blazers, and mavs are looking good, for the Suns to contend for the top seed in the west will be a tall order. I’m not saying its not possible, and the start has certainly put us in a position to make a run…I’m only asking fellow fans to be cautious about the expectations. A couple of positive notes…I think we’re grittier than we’ve ever been and I can’t wait to see Robin in the line to solidify interior defense and rebounding. Like I said in my earlier post, Let’s keep it rolling! I think we’ll have a better idea of where the team stands after the quarter poll.

  • http://yahoo.com Mikzter

    GO SUNS!!! IM NOT DREAMING!!! j-dud and lou are awesome back-up!!! dragic is gaining confidence + CHANNNNIIINNNGGG FRRRYEEE!!!! who is good shooting center… Nash and STAT are back(MONSTER) + j-rich is picking up his game and grant hill woooohh good good basketball IQ how old is he??? its not the question! hope dragic and robin lopez can be an explosive tandem although not as good as nash and STAT but an explosive back up GO SUNS!!! NASH FOR MVP!

  • http://www.ThoughtAuthor.com Thought Author

    Dear Planet Orange:
    The Suns are back, and we can thank Steve Kerr and Alvin Gentry. The strategy of just getting 3-4 key stops in the 4th is brilliant. When a team runs as much as we do, it makes it a bit tought to knuckle down on defense for 48 (24?) minutes. The guys have obviously bought into the idea that they can get the necessary stops when needed, and our record shows it. Wherever this season takes us, it will be a fun ride, and we all get to be a part of it! Keep up the belief.
    PS. You can be sure that Nash, Hill, Amare, and Company aren’t aiming at anything less than a championship – one game at a time. Enjoy!


    So it continues Joe. Suns, first team to 12 wins, best record in the West. Memphis was dangerous having won 4 out of 5 coming in but they were put away in the second quarter by a Suns team that almost appears to be toying with the opposition early and then stepping on the gas and pulling away. Rebounding continues to be a work in progress, but with all the hustle, firepower, bench support and now a defensive presence, it’s not as glaring. If Lopez can come back and even do an average job with the rebounding, I believe were one of the top 5 teams in the NBA. Time will tell, but so far this has been as good as it gets.

  • http://www.database-empire.com Achievecarry

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