As discussed yesterday, the Suns did well again in the first game of their last back-to-back series of the season. Now it’s on to San Antonio where they will face a more formidable opponent.

Playing the Spurs is always an interesting experience – especially when it is this close to the playoffs. Emotions seem to run a little higher and fans of both teams are on edge (check out the comments under Bob Adlhoch’s blog if you need proof). But this is the most fun part of the year, I think.

This season the Suns have won two out of the three games they’ve played against the Spurs. But their stats don’t look so hot:

They averaged 43.7% shooting against the Spurs this season
Shot 26.4% from the three-point line
Averaged 91.7 points per game (the only team who that held the Suns lower is Boston)

But there are a few bright spots as well:

They averaged 42.7 rebounds per game
Averaged 21.3 assists per game

We’re still not sure if Shaq will be playing tonight. It will be a game time decision. If Shaq plays, I think it’s important to win or at least stay very close to the Spurs. Despite my thoughts that the Suns are better than the Spurs this season, I’m still afraid of a mental block when it comes to playing them in a 7-game series. If Shaq does not play and the Suns either win or stay close, I think that will help them get over that mental barrier.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s game?

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