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All the so-called “major” prognosticators — ESPN, 82games.com, Hoopshype, my Dad — have weighed in with their thoughts about how the remainder of this playoff series will play out, but none have provided you with the kind of highly-educated, statistically-driven, purely objective and unbiased analysis that you’re about the receive here, from me, the Phoenix Suns Superfan. Others have examined points in the paint, second chance scores, defensive rebounding and turnover-assist ration. I will look at the truly burning questions that will decide this series, such as:


I researched this one thoroughly, and after much contemplation, I think the edge here has to go to the Suns.


Portland has been justly lauded for its collection of young talent, which is truly impressive, maybe the best this side of the Thunder, when the Blazers are healthy. But in the playoffs, you lean on tested veterans for stability. For the Suns, that means Steve Nash and Grant Hill, two of the most-respected, well-thought of and professional players in the league’s history. For the Blazers, those roles are played by career vagabonds Andre Miller and Juwan Howard. Not even the fact that Howard’s college team helped popularize baggy shorts can sway the edge over to Portland in this category.


In New York, Frye was a promising offensive player. In Portland, he was “the guy who wasn’t LaMarcus Aldridge.” In Phoenix, he’s become a valuable big man who has expanded his game beyond anyone’s dreams, and elevated the Suns’ second unit to one of the best in the NBA.


Please. The Suns absorbed the Blazers’ best shot in Game 5, when Portland sank their first three hundred shots (or thereabouts), and Phoenix calmly blew the roof off America West Arena by going berserk in the open court and shot-put Nate McMillan’s gutsy club halfway back to Rip City. The bench is just getting going and discovering the lid has been taken off the basket, Goran Dragic is attacking the rim like it hit on his sister, and Amar’e isn’t letting anyone provoke him. The Suns have to be supremely confident, and they’re grown-up enough to know that Portland’s crowd will be roaring by about lunchtime Thursday, the Blazers will be coming out desperate and determined, and will probably play the Suns tight for as long as Phoenix lets them. These Suns can remain patient, limit turnovers, and wait for their opportunity to seize the tempo and make it theirs.


Let’s turn to the Game 5 box score for this one. Hmm. Points were about a push, 17 for Bayless, 19 for Dudley. Ours shot a little better, 6 for 10 in
25 minutes, as opposed to 6 for 14 in 38 minutes…Both guys shot about 60% from three-point land. In terms of plus-minus, Bayless was -12, while Dudley was…+36. Well. Let’s move on, shall we?


If the Suns were wearing either of their previous two uniform designs, this category would narrowly tip in their favor. The purple-dominated, western-lettered original uniforms were unique in their color scheme — no other team resembled them. The “shooting Suns” unis of the Barkley years were ahead of their time, incorporating more of the uniform than most teams,and incorporating trendy black before the rest of the league really got there. The best thing about the current uniforms is its use of “PHX,” a forward-looking abbreviation of home city that has since been adopted by other teams (Oklahoma City uses OKC in their logo). By contrast, the Blazers haven’t really changed their uniform, or their logo, much over the years. What might have looked dated, given that Portland came into the league in 1970, has been ever-so-slightly tweaked to hold up incredibly well over the years. Solid color scheme, and the look is classic, yet modern.
Edge, Portland.

And you didn’t think I was going to be objective, did you?


    Great blogg, really enjoyed it!!! Not much has really been said about the Roy situation. So, here goes. Hey! I’m 100% let the people legally do pretty much what the heck they want. But being a huge fight fan, Ring or MMA, don’t you learn real fast that someone other than the athlete has to make injury/stoppage decisions. Look, of course he wants to play and maybe the DR. say’s well yeah he can, but it was like eight days. I’ve had a cut take longer than that to heal. Oh! the owner was called, good, you know he’s going to tell Roy not to make him millions of dollars. I felt compassion for the athlete in game 5 he gave everything and it just wasn’t there, couldn’t be there. It didn’t have to be that way if that someone had said not this series.

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    You forgot about team chemistry, but other than that yup, it’s a pretty objective one, gotta hand it to you, lol
    Go SUNS! Let’s wrap this up in 6!

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    It’s not America West Arena!! It’s the US Airways Center!

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    Really Enjoyed that! Thanks :)

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    I’m staying away from Goran’s sister!


    Steve was a little shaky again but the Suns still managed to finish it strong and show that this team does not have to win by twenty, it can play grind it out. Lets hope whatever is wrong with Nash gets fixed. Amare also needs to go back to the last 2 months play, not the one dimensional foul prone version. Suns made this way harder than it needed to be, but thats our team. The Spurs will allow us a more open middle and our bench should be huge, but we can’t have these lapses against them.


    Come on Suns fans tell me life isn’t just a little or maybe alot brighter today. Now it’s time to welcome with open arms the “old” Spurs. Come right in friends said the spider to the fly. Duncan, meet Robin Lopez, no we don’t have to waste Amare on you anymore. Mr. McDyse that will be your job now, good luck with that assignment and thanks for snubbing us back when you were good. Amare, he’s primed and ready after Portland to explode all over your behind. Parker, your probably the only guard Nash stays with anymore, count that a wash but please enjoy Djuric, I’m sure you’ll find his game alot faster and youthful, kind of like yours a few years ago. Ginoblli, you and your broken nose have Grant Hill better known as the fountain of youth defnding you. JRich, you may continue roaming around the court scoring at will. And when those San Antonio reserves come in won’t they be thrilled to play the best bench in the NBA. The second round, relax, enjoy, we couldn’t have planned it better fellow Suns fans.


    Lakers got pushed to the brink, and basically by two guys, a tremendous, young, superstar (Durant) and a very good player (Westbrook). After that it’s pretty much unchartered talent. If the Thunder pay attention to Gasol at the end it’s back to LA. Kobe looked tired and couldn’t hit the winner, Bynum was not running well and the bench looked weak. Add all that to the fact that Lebron may be limited to one arm (which still leaves him in star category) Suns need to step up, it’s our year.