When Phoenix visited Denver on Thursday night, the Suns jumped out to a big lead in the 1st quarter – following the pattern they have set in teh past few games.  But also following the same pattern, they gave up that big lead in the 2nd quarter and finally let Denver take the lead.

However, the Suns kept fighting back despite many setbacks – Shaq not playing, Amare getting his 5th foul in the third quarter, Matt Barnes fouling out with three minutes to go in the game.  Every time Denver looked like they were showing some life, a Suns player would figure out a way to push the Nuggets back down.

Whether it was Lou Amundson in the 3rd quarter coming into to give Phoenix some much needed energy or Grant Hill making all the shots he took (until the last minute of the game), there was always someone there to pick the team up just when it seemed like they were going to fall down for good.

But after Grant Hill missed a last second shot and the game went into overtime, Phoenix just didn’t have anyone to step up and save them again.  Chauncy Billups took the overtime period over and couldn’t miss a shot – while Phoenix appeared to have a lid put on their basket between the 4th quarter and the OT period.

The Suns now head back home to play the Timberwolves on Friday night before beginning a six-game East coast road trip.  Shaq should be back for that game so hopefully they can start the trip off right with a win before they leave.

What do you think about the game?  What could the Suns have done better?  What did they do well?  Leave your comments below.

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