What do you get the 38 year old guy who has two MVPs, an all-time franchise assist record and the hair of a 1970s California surfer to commemorate his birth? If you’re his teammates a pink gorilla with a guitar and a singing rookie seems to do the trick.

Tuesday was Steve Nash’s birthday and, with the team on the road in Milwaukee, the Suns point guard got to celebrate his big day with his teammates during morning meetings. Instead of giving Nash a cake with 38 candles — he’s health conscious you know — they decided to surprise him with a balloon and a singing pink gorilla. (No relation to our own Suns Gorilla, whose first career was also delivering singing telegrams, ironically.)

As if that wasn’t enough, rookie teammate Markieff Morris serenaded the point guard with a rendition of happy birthday that wasn’t quite as spirited as Marilyn Monroe’s version but that got the job done.

So what do you get the guy who has made a career out of giving? A few laughs, quality time with teammates and no sugar seems to be just what the doctor, or at least the training staff, ordered.

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  • Airton

    He deserves a NBA title to end his carrer in great style. But unfortunately he already had his chances… :/

  • Lorie Wise

    He is amazing!! He simply deserves health and happiness!! I could provide the happiness! Just sayyin’ lol! (Hit me up on Fb Steve) :)

  • http://generationz.jfbs.net Nashty

    I couldn’t agree more. Nash needs to go out on top.