Traveling to Spain was awesome, and exhausting all at the same time. For some of the girls, Brittany B, Octavia, Anna, and Karlyn it was their first international flights so they were really excited. The first leg of our trip was a 3.5 hour flight into Atlanta. We had a really short layover and basically just walked off one plane and right onto another, minus losing Karlyn on the tram between terminals (the first of many times Karlyn got separated from the group). Brittany B. was my “plane buddy” on both flights and we played games and watched a lot of movies together on the video screens we had on each seatback. We all tried to sleep as much as possible on the 8 hour flight into Madrid because we wanted to hit the ground running when we landed at 9am Spain time. We wanted to make sure we did as much sightseeing as possible on our one “free” day.

Once we arrived in Madrid, which was the middle of the night for us, literally, we got our bags and met our tour guides and bus outside. We became all too familiar with the bus that picked us up and took us to and from every event in Spain. It was a big white bus that was easy to spot when we were shopping on the streets of Madrid, and trying to quickly get back to the hotel after the Adidas 5 events. One of our bus drivers, Satur, even waited for us until long after his shift ended one night so that we could finish eating dinner at a famous restaurant called Casa Juan. Delicious!

Our journey back to AZ was definitely bittersweet. We barely slept the night before because once we went to sleep, that meant when we woke up, it was time to leave. I think we finally fell asleep at about 4 and went to the last, amazing continental breakfast at 7. The bus picked us up at 8 and off the the airport we went. When we got there we slowly unloaded our bags and noticed that basically everyone but us, had or was having their bags shrink wrapped before checking them. Apparently theft from your bags is very common. Now Taryn’s missing toothbrush, lipgloss, and other personal items that mysteriously went missing on the first leg of the trip all made sense. But, we all took our chances and saved what little Euros we had left for keepsakes. Well fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m not quite sure which, a few of the girls… Jenni, Taryn and Karlyn were all magically bumped up to first class for the trip from Spain to Atlanta. And chop liver… aka Brittany B, Octavia, Anna and myself were all left behind in coach. To say we were jealous is an understatement and we definitely didn’t let them live it down, at least until we got back to AZ. The flight was long, and with all of us being so upset about having to leave, we didn’t enjoy that flight too much. 

Once landing in Atlanta though, we were able to accept that our “Madrid Bubble” had burst, and it was in fact time to get back to reality. We made sure to take lots of pictures of us jumping and giving our last hoorah of the trip. Anna and Octavia had gotten really sick right before coming home so we also took that time to grab some medicine, and in Anna’s case, ice for her headache which she tied to her head with my scarf. She looked like the Chiquita banana lady, and if people weren’t gawking at us jumping in the terminal before, this definitley caught their attention. I’m sure people in the airport thought we were crazy girls, but we just wanted to have a few last fun and memories of such a fantastic trip. 

We have all talked about the trip since then and unanimously agree that it was one of the best trips we all have taken, EVER! When we miss Spain we refer to it as “Spain withdrawl” and we usually come down with it about once or twice a week…. I mean between an amazing city, awesome people, great food and hotel, laughs non-stop (we seriously all had major six-packs after the trip), shopping, beautiful weather, and to get to experience all this with 6 of your closest friends… who wouldn’t become addicted?


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