When six of the Phoenix Suns Dancers and I (we called ourselves the “Lucky 7″)  found out we were going to Madrid, Spain, we knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime.  The architecture was breath taking, the food was absolutely delicious, the nightlife was full of surprises, but it was the people that the we met during our stay in Spain that truly made the trip unforgettable.  Every person that we met had an impact on us in their own unique way.  It all started on our flight from Phoenix to Atlanta where we met “Captain Dan”.  If you are afraid of flying, do what I did, and sit next to a real life pirate rapper from the Florida Keys in a group called “Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew.”  He let me listen to a couple of his tracks, including a pirate version of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice.”  Needless to say I was entertained, my mind was blown, and I knew this trip was only going to get better.  Captain Dan if you are reading this – I’ll see you on MTV one day!  

When we finally arrived in Madrid we met three people that the seven of us will NEVER forget:  our “party bus” driver, Miguel, and our 18 year old tour guides/translators and now our good friends, Laura (pronounced Low-rah) and Rocio (pronounced Ro-thi-oh).  It took us all about 2 days to pronounce their names correctly.  Except for Jenni who just kept saying Laura like we do in America – she rarely got a response.  Rocio and Laura took us shopping, told us where we were and what the beautiful building was that we were video taping and taking pictures of, and took us for “tapas” at the Plaza Mayor which was one of the most beautiful places we saw.  Rocio and Laura really showed me that we are all alike, no matter what culture, race or background – even if the only thing you have in common is that you both watch “Flavor of Love.”  

I could go on for days about all of the people we met while in Spain.  Alex, Clement, Fatih, Gisella (and so many more!) with Adidas 5, were the greatest people to work with.  They took care of us and put up with us asking them to take a picture and video tape every 5 seconds.  They taught us a lot of the language (Spanish and German!) and proper ways to say things.  They even convinced me to try lamb, a very popular dish in Spain, at dinner and I am so glad they did – YUM!  Then there was the singing brothers – man, were they good.  We gave them a hard time because they were wearing Lakers jerseys but they made up for it when they serenaded us with songs. The fans at the events were AMAZING!!  These people never sat down.  They made the whole game so exciting and we loved dancing for them.  We could have gone out there and fallen on our faces and they still would have screamed and clapped.  I will never forget that feeling.  Spain was seriously non-stop entertainment.  At a stop light, a man would juggle for you in the crosswalk or do magic tricks for euros.  On the metro, a violinist would appear out of no where and start playing the chicken dance.  At nighttime in front of a store a guy would dance for a crowd of spectators as a Robocop.  At 2 am in the ballroom of our hotel, a party was going on with nonstop, choreographed Spanish style dancing (we danced with them and they made us look like amateurs).  We even saw people in moccasins do back flips while dancing to a Phil Collins song.  I am not kidding you, every second of every minute of every day we were entertained, amazed, and so happy.  

Lastly I would like to talk about the people that I spent a solid 90 hours with during this trip…Amanda, Jenni, Taryn, Octavia, Karlyn, and Brittany (Floor 8, penthouse!).  I am so glad that I went to the most wonderful country with six of the most wonderful girls I know.  We laughed more than we ever have and saw things that I KNOW we never dreamed of seeing.  To this day we talk about our trip and how amazing it was.  I know that none of us will ever forget it.  ”Lucky 7″ for life!

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