On Saturday, we got the opportunity to take a tour of the Real Madrid Bernabeu Stadium.  Even though we love our basketball, we were pumped to see the soccer stadium.  The basketball event was right next to it so it worked out perfectly.  The stadium was so huge and amazing!  

We started the tour at the top of the stadium and the view was awesome.  Of course, we were acting like tourists and all of us were videotaping everything and taking pictures every two feet.  We got to see pictures from 1906 and all of the trophies different teams have won there.  Then we got to sit in the stands and we pretend like we were watching a game and something really exciting happened.  We went down to the field level and got to sit on the actual players’ bench.  The seats were really comfortable and not what I expected.  The term players’ bench was not appropriate for them; it was more like a player’s lounge.  

After that, we saw the locker room and it was covered in gorgeous blue tile from floor to ceiling with nice Jacuzzis and showers.  Unfortunately, we did not get to see a game, but the stadium was awesome empty and I can only imagine how much fun it would be when it was jam packed for a game!

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