Hey Suns fans, this is Taryn from the Phoenix Suns Dancers. I wanted to write to you and tell you a little bit about our amazing trip to Madrid, Spain. 

For the past four years, our dance team has had the wonderful opportunity to travel overseas on behalf of the NBA and the Phoenix Suns. This year, September 2008, I was one of seven dancers who were asked to travel to Spain to represent the Suns and NBA at an event called Adidas 5.

Adidas 5 was a five-on-five basketball tournament for basketball players in Spain. The event was Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm. Each day we performed two or three dance routines for the fans.  This was a little trickier than here on the court at US Airways Center because the court was made of sport court and had some degree of a tilt.

Performing for the fans in Spain was so much fun. They were always enthusiastic, welcoming and supportive which made it that much more enjoyable for us to perform. The entire weekend was hosted by an MC who, sad to say, was a Lakers fan and wore a Lakers jersey both days. Don’t worry we had a little chat with him and he is a very nice guy who won’t make that mistake around us again and is a big Suns fan now too.  

The venue was set up with one main court in front of bleachers and three other practice courts just outside the main court. Across the street was the famous Real Madrid Stadium where the MLS soccer teams host their games in Madrid. During one of our breaks, we got to tour the stadium and learn about the history of the teams and the building. When we were not performing or touring the beautiful sites of Madrid, we got to be spectators of the tournament and support the players. 

Adidas 5 was one of the most exciting, fun-filled events I have participated in. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to travel to Spain and represent the Suns at this event and be able to share the experience with you.  

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