It was once said that the measure of a man’s character is what he does when no one is looking. The same can be said for a sports organization.

While the main purpose of a franchise is to put an exciting product on the court, it’s what it can do to lift up the city it calls home that may leave the longest lasting impact. Wins and losses come and go each year but being able to affect the lives of those in need without bringing much attention to it can last a lifetime.

The Suns organization took time out from preparing for the season to help fight hunger in the Valley as part of the “Rock ‘n Box’s AZ Sports Night” at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. Twenty-six members of the organization donated their time and talents to packing food boxes. Their efforts led to the packing of 1,080 food boxes which included the stacking of 24 pallets of boxes.

These actions are just a small part of the great charitable work that takes place at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance over the course of a year. The food bank is dependent on volunteers to provide more than 300,000 meals each day to the community and our neighbors in need. The food bank not only serves the greater Phoenix area but two-thirds of Arizona’s 15 counties.

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