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While Steve Nash and Co. were busy turning the tables on that 18-game TNT losing streak, Brian Ray Siefken and Krysta Manzanarez were pretty much like all the other Suns fans who were tuned into the January 28 game vs. the Mavericks.

The difference? The couple was also welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world at the same time.

Meet Phoenix Brice Manzanarez-Siefken, who officially checked in at 6 lbs., 4oz. at a Colorado hospital during the closing seconds of the game.

“I was watching the Suns play on TNT in the delivery room, while my second baby boy was being born,” Brian said. “After such a hard fight for the Suns and my girlfriend, I was rewarded twice. I had a beautiful new baby boy and a Suns victory over Dirk and the Mavs!

“With 11 seconds left in the game my son was introduced to us. As time expired, the nurses asked us if we had a name. We properly named him ‘Phoenix.’ Thanks for the win, guys!”

Reportedly, nobody had a problem with the game airing in the delivery room. Of course, Brian did make one concession.

“I did have to mute the TV, though,” he said. “I was back and forth between the Suns and my girlfriend giving birth, but she was definitely OK with me watching the game during the delivery. It was stressful – especially because the Suns started off the game so slow.”

Now that’s a fan! 

“Some call it crazy,” Brian added. “I call it commitment to my team.”


    Congrats proud parents. I thought I was a super Suns fan. I concede however to super, super fans!!! Great name, when can we expect him in the lineup?

  • Resa Doodoh

    Congratulations to you Josh.

    Welcome to the planet orange Phoenix Brice Manzanarez-Siefken. A jersey number 11 is waiting for you. :D

  • cathy

    what a sweet baby. Congrats and best of luck! love the name!

  • robert ramirez

    congratulations brian & Krysta on your new son Phoenix Brice Manzanarez Siefken My new Nephew Phoenix Suns No 1 Love You Tio & Tia Bobby-Lucy Ramirez

  • Joel

    Great history!!! I’m from Panama, Panama city I’m a Suns fan for quite some time now I have a lot of items at home from my SUNS I have a full room with Suns items

  • Kiki

    That is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard. Congrats on the beautiful baby boy & great name choice. You’ve got one cool girlfriend.

  • Merle

    Congratuations on the birth of your son – do accept Chicago Bulls gifts?