(Jed Jacobsohn/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Jed Jacobsohn/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Suns don’t have control over their own playoff destiny at this point in the season.  But they did do their part on Sunday night by scoring the most points by an NBA team this season.  And more importantly by beating the Warriors, 154-130.

Jason Richardson and Matt Barnes decided to beat up on their old team by scoring 51 combined points – over 33 percent of the teams total points.  Shaquille O’Neal and Leandro Barbosa add another 47 points to the team’s total.  In fact, every player who stepped on the court for the Suns scored except for Stromile Swift.

With such a high scoring game, one would think that Steve Nash would have the team high in assists.  But that honor went to Matt Barnes, who had a quarter of the team’s total assists.  Nash, however, wasn’t far behind with nine of his own dishes.

While it was a fun game for Phoenix, the second half wasn’t so glorious for the Warriors.  Stephen Jackson had picked up a technical foul in the first half for arguing a call.  In the third quarter, he was given his second technical foul and was ejected from the game.  Golden State coach Don Nelson didn’t agree with the assessment of the second T and said something to the referee that obviously did sit well with the man in stripes.  Coach Nelson didn’t even get a first technical foul warning.  He was ejected immediately and joined his star player in watching the rest of the game from the locker room.  At that point, the Suns took full advantage of the flailing Warriors and extended what started out as a two-point lead to start the half to as many as 30 points.

Even though the Suns don’t have total control over whether or not they get into the playoffs, both Barnes and Richardson have experienced the crazy things that can happen at the end of the season.  Barnes said, “Jason Richardson and I are trying to remind everybody that you never know what happens, so you have to try and come out and get every game.  We have won two in a row and we need to try and keep it moving.”

That is the thing Suns fans can remember as well.  Anything can happen at the end of the season.  We shouldn’t give up on our team yet.  They can use all the support they can get from their fans to help push them.

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