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Suns starter Channing Frye, who has found himself on an offensive roll recently, will unfortunately now find himself sidelined for the next two-to-three weeks after dislocating his right shoulder yesterday.

The 6-11 forward/center dislocated it with 6:28 remaining in regulation against the Thunder on Sunday. While Frye was posting up Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, Durant swiped at the ball and got a lot of Frye’s shoulder and arm.

Despite no foul being called on the play, Frye instantly crumbled into a protective position, gripping his dislocated shoulder. Up until that point in the game, the former Arizona star had collected 11 points and a career-high 15 rebounds.

Frye underwent an MRI exam today, confirming the injury as a dislocation. Depending on the ongoing evaluation of the Suns’ orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Carter, Frye will miss between two and three weeks of action.

After signing a new deal with the Suns this past summer, Frye is averaging a career-high-tying 12.3 points a game, as well as career highs in rebounds (6.6) and blocks (1.0). He ranks fifth in the NBA in three-pointers made this season.

“He’s playing the best basketball of his career,” Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry said. “He’s done a great job for us and everybody sees the two last-second shots he made for us, but he’s been so solid defensively and had 15 rebounds last night without even playing the fourth quarter or overtime. He’s somebody that we really need to get back and get back as quickly as possible.”

In addition to receiving national acclaim for drilling game-winning baskets in back-to-back games last week, Frye has scored in double figures in eight out of his last 10 contests. Over that span he has been invaluable offensively, averaging 16.2 points and 7.8 rebounds on 53-percent shooting from the floor and 48-percent shooting from downtown.

As for what the coaching staff plans to do to replace Frye, that still remains to be seen. Gentry and Co. could increase reserve forward Hakim Warrick’s minutes or play Grant Hill at power forward on perimeter fours.

“We spent about two hours talking about that as a coaching staff this morning,” Gentry said. “I’m sure we’ll revisit it tomorrow some because there’s a lot of ways that we can go.

“Hakim Warrick has played well for us and done a good job. He’s not the spacer Channing is, but he’s also very good at running the floor and finishing things. He still gives us the opportunity to play the way we want to play.”

We’ll see what Gentry decides to do when the Suns host the Rockets on Tuesday at 7 p.m. on FS Arizona.

  • A.C. Haze

    the most unfortunate thing about all of this is that there wasn’t even a foul called! umm…pretty sure if Frye’s SHOULDER WAS DISLOCATED someone HIT HIM!!!!!!! goodness.

  • Debbie

    Channing, I hope you are not out as long as they say, we need you badly, but I wish you a speedy recovery. The fact that you did not even get a call on that play was outrageous, but that seems to be the way it always is with the suns. Steve and Grant continuously get mauled whenever they have the ball and there are no calls. The Suns have never gotten any respect from the officials and I think most of them are being bribed to ensure the Suns lose. I never miss a game if I can help it and wish I had the money to be a season ticket holder. I wish you the best and miss seeing you on the court every game.

  • DeeDee

    Get Well Channing!

  • Jennifer

    Hope you feel better soon Channing! We’ll miss you for the next couple of weeks! We all can’t wait for you to come back stronger than ever! The Suns NEED you!!

  • Sarah Malefors

    Channing please get well soon!

  • Jordan

    You’ll be missed Channing. Get 100% and help the Suns finish with a top 5 seed!

  • Anne

    Channing get well really soon, we need you back as soon as you are better. We miss ya!! :)

  • Rev. Coy Carl

    Mr. Frye;
    Very sorry to see you injured and out of action. We have been a fan of yours for many years when we lived in Tucson and loved the Cats!
    I know this might sound quirky but I would like to say a prayer for you to speed up your recovery time. We need you in that line up if we have a chance of making the play offs.
    Keep up the great work my friend, and may our wonderful Lord bless you and yours as you seek his wonderful face.
    Rev. Coy Carl

    Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to lift up my friend Channing to you today. Only you know God, how stressful and difficult it can be for these professional athletes during these times of injuries and recuperation.
    As your servant Lord, I speak a speedy recovery to his shoulder ailment and believe that it will be more stronger and durable than ever before. I loosen the healing power of Jesus Christ to flood through that complete shoulder area and strengthen it so fast that the doctors will be amazed at the quick time it happened. I give you the glory for it and know Channing will also.
    We pray this in Jesus name, amen.
    My friend, that chilling feeling going up and down your spine as you read this was the power of the Holy Spirit filling your body with the healing we prayed. Congrats my friend! I look forward to seeing you on the court very soon. We always watch on television, as the tickets are too expensive to go to Phoenix.
    Take care! Go Suns!!!

  • Jerry Austin

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. My wife and I are sick that you got the shoulder separation just when you are playing the best ball of your career. You are our candidate for the most improved player in the league. BTW, we were miffed that Durant did not even get a foul on the play. Those guys need a eye exam. See you in the playoffs. Jerry & Liz

  • Karen Fehr

    You have been playing great Channing. We know you will come back and continue where you left off. Keep working your cardio hard so you can be ready when the doctors say it is OK to go. The trainers have all kinds of methods to train the shoulder these days to protect it from further injury. Work hard on your rehab, eat well, and get plenty of rest and we’ll see you on the court in a few weeks.

  • http://msn.com terry storey

    Hey Channing hope you get well soon your a great player and
    like the three ball you will be missed and your leadership
    on the court hope to see you out there soon.

  • Alvaro

    Get Better Channing!! And remember we want you for the long run here in Phx so make sure you feel good to go and don’t rush it.

    Thanks for adding to the exitement of watching the Suns!!!

  • kim goldatein

    Dear Channing,
    Please get well soon !!!!!I miss you !


  • jarodd

    just want to let channing know to get well soon we need you back ..jarodd

  • HackTweets

    Hey Channing,

    You are in the best hands possible being cared for by Suns trainers. The team needs you, but rushing back won’t help anybody. I personally want to see you have a long career in a Suns uniform.

    BTW: Love the new aggressive play down low. Release the Beast!

  • Debbie Kepler


    As much as it must have felt awful to sit on the sidelines Tuesday, you showed us a darling baby, of whom you must be very proud. Take your time to heal, but know we miss your amazing talent, and want you back ASAP!

  • Genevieve Monje

    To: Channing,
    Hope you are doing better, first your head, then your shoulder, whats next?? i really hope you guys make it to the play offs. i’ll be watching tonight..
    From a fan Genevieve Monje..

  • Ricardo Juan

    hey channing hope you get well soon. everyone will miss you!

  • http://twitter.com/almaherself Alma

    Channing you have been so impressive lately. Shame that you got injured, but everything happens for a reason as you say! Love you so much! #8!

  • Robert Garcia

    Draw on this injury for a renewed focus and stregth, as you continue in your “Beast-Mode”, PLAYOFFS BABY!

  • Francine

    Channing–You’ve been playing great. Hope to see you back soon. Looking forward to watching you play for many years. Really mad that a foul wasn’t called on that play.

  • John HAnks

    Channing, Our prayers for an early and complete recovery. We miss you on the court and hope to see you back soon.

  • christy

    Feel better! We need you back!

  • Carlos

    Hey Channing! This is Carlos from Keizer, OR. Get well soon we need ya back out there firing on all cylinders! Great job on the season, nice to see you change all the doubters minds with your awesome all around play!

  • lyle tschosik

    Hey Channing!

    Suns fan here in MN. I was at the Pacers
    game and had a great look at your
    winning shot. Made my trip!
    We need for the playoff run.
    See you out there soon!

  • Suns#1Fan

    GET WELL SOON Channing! We Miss Ya!…And yes that was a foul…BIG TYME!!!
    sometimes, well alot of the time I feel the SUNS get Bad foul calls..

  • Suns#1Fan

    GET WELL SOON! WE WILL MISS YA! GO SUNS! I love free tacos!!

  • Marie Booker

    Hi Channing,

    I am keeping you in my prayers. I cannot believe there was no foul called! Then again, it seems like some of the officials miss big things and then blow the whistle for the tiny things. What happened to you was definitely a foul!!

    You have been playing such great defense and of course your offense is A-OK. I have even noticed that you have been rebounding a lot more as of late. The whole Suns team has been playing really well. I go to all of the home games and watch all the away games on TV.

    You had better get well soon because when you recover there are playoffs!!!! Yes, I believe in my Suns to get there. :o )

    Take care,

    Marie Booker

  • http://Yahoo.com Cyndi

    Get well SOON Channing! P.S. Your son is adorable!

  • Carole Higley


    You’ve been amazing this season!! Your 3′s are perfection!! Praying for a quick recovery!~

    Feel better! :)

  • victor gerson

    Shazam!!! Your healed! Love & Respect Channing!

  • Obi

    Dang, no more Frye-Day night statuses on Facebook when he goes off for clutch game-winners and rains down 3-pointers for a while…get well soon, CF8.

  • Jamila

    Hi Channing,

    Sorry to hear you will be out. We will miss you! Get well soon.

  • SandiD

    We’ll miss you. Get better real soon but careful coming back too soon so you don’t reinjure yourself.

  • Mike Solomon

    Man, I can’t believe what happened to you. What a shame. You have really shown people this year what you can do. I always knew what your potential was. Get better soon Channing. Things will only get better for you.
    Thank you for being a GREAT part of our community.
    Mike Solomon

  • Ross Benedetto

    H Channing
    Hope you are back real soon we need you for the playoff push, Get well soon our prays are with you .

    Take care God bless
    Ross Benedetto

  • Alex Walker

    Channing, Get better bud! We in The Walker Household love watching you do your thing! I know sholder injuries can hurt, we are praying for you that you have a restfull and full recovery. We (my wife and I) have been really impressed by your play, and I know T.C. would have something too say, but I think that you have brought so much too the Suns, We love it when you hit them 3′S, and I really think your a special guy. Keep up the great work, and I know were gonna get the Championship this year(with you on the team I mean). I also want to say I thought it was great that you brought your Son too the game the other night, he’s a cutie! Get well soon! Love those SUNS. The Walker Family

  • http://www.twitter.com/GirlShortie Melissa Reyes (GirlShortie)

    Channing!!! I want you to get well very soon because we miss you like crazy.. sux to see you get hurt especially when you were doing very very very very well!!!! … Cant wait to see your return!!! Miss you dude!!! Get well soon.

  • Becky Underhill

    Hi Mr Channing, Please do as MD’s & Trainers say the Team needs you back. Get Well Soon. Heal Well!

  • jane freas

    channing, last season you ran by our dressing room and said “golden grannie granola, is that a new cereal?”, i loved that! all the grannies love your skill and dedication, get well honey! we will all be shaking our booties for you next friday night, love you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • http://url Kendrick

    Sorry to hear that, everyone else has to step up now. Get well soon, god bless. Kendrick

  • elliott glabman coach ‘g’


  • Kathy Davis

    Channing, Get Well Soon, miss seeing you out on the court.

  • matt ingerto

    Feel better Frye! Miss you man!

  • Bond

    Come back strong
    Make another game-winner in playoff against Spurs

  • Steven

    Hey Channing, you the man. Can’t wait for you to get back to being fully healed. That is the most important thing, being 100%. You’re quite invaluable to the team not only for your playing, but because people believe in you I know I do.

  • Brad

    Man are we going to miss those buzzer beating and game winning 3′s. It’s even more incredible to watch you this year with the step up in performance. Rehab well grasshopper and will be wearing my no. 8 shirt till you get back.

  • Linda


    I knew that you would be a great asset to the Phoenix Suns, I have been a Suns fan since the early 90′s. You are AWESOME and I wish you a speedy recovery. You know how much you are needed!!!!!! I attend a lot of the home games and am excited for your return. MISS SEEING YOU out on the court. I saw you with your new baby the other night. Oh so precious Congrats!!!

    God Bless!!!!

  • Kim & Sarah

    We wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you will get well soon. By watching the game on the 10th I realize that we do need you more than ever. To reach the playoffs we do need Channing and his random three pointers as well as his good defensive plays. To be honest I hope you get well soon but for your benefit I hope you come back when you can and are well. The Suns will play their hardest for you.
    Get well soon~
    Kim & Sarah
    P.S. I will see you on Thursday!! Can’t wait!!

  • Mikey Mike

    Channing!! We miss you on the court, you really make the Suns exciting and a fun team to watch. I wish a speedy recovery and hope to see that GLARE you had after your back to back game winners!

  • Yan

    Channing, take care.~~ and wondering to back soon~

  • Christina

    Channing, I REALLY hope that your shoulder gets better! I love you and the Suns and hope you guys can get that 8th seed playoff spot we just need Memphis out of there!!! I hope your shoulder heals faster and your on the court to make some 3s and get some more rebounds! GO SUNS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001791714682 Pauline Gonida

    Hey frye. i miss you man! Get well soon. We need you! We can do this. Playoffs is getting nearer and we need really need you to win the games. Take good care of yourself,’kay? God Bless and more powers! iLove the phoenix suns!!