It’s not all monkey business for the Suns Gorilla. Sometimes he gets to sit back, relax and enjoy a film with one of his many famous friends. Well, most of the time he gets to enjoy it.

On this particular evening he and ESPN anchor John Buccigross didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye about the best way to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes together and cameras just happened to be there to catch it.

Alright, so the Gorilla doesn’t really hang out with ESPN Sportscenter anchors in his free time but he did spend some time with Buccigross earlier this month to shoot a commercial for the upcoming release of the film on DVD and Blu Ray December 13.

We couldn’t get the Gorilla to comment on the experience — he’s surprisingly tight lipped about this kind of stuff and, well, everything — but we did get a behind the scenes photo and video for you from the shoot.

We just hope GO doesn’t take Buccigross’ advice and learns a thing or two from the movie. The last thing we need is an uprising from our beloved mascot.

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