(Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images)

In the event you didn’t believe in the Phoenix Suns before, now might be a good time to start.

If you thought Steve Nash would no longer be able to get it done at the age of 35, or that Grant Hill might be over-the-hill, or that Amar’e Stoudemire might have lost a little of his magic … well, now would be a good time to reconsider.

And if you figured the Suns may not be able to run and gun and still have lots of fun, then you must have missed their statement of a 110-103 win against previously unbeaten Boston.

Yes, it’s very early.

Yes, the Suns still have plenty of toughies left on a November schedule packed with road games.

Yes, there are bound to be a few bumps along the way.

But if someone told you the Suns would emerge with a 2-1 record after games in Miami, Orlando and Boston, would you have believed them?

If someone said the Suns would start the season 5-1 after playing just two games at home, would you be happy?

As Nash said afterward, “We’ve got 17 of our first 26 on the road. So we have to try to find a way to win some of these while we try to find out who we are.”

That’s right, people. The Suns are in fact still trying to figure out who they are. And they’re winning anyway. In Boston, and in Miami — which just happened to clobber Western Conference contender Denver on the same night the Suns stunned the Celtics.

Again, an entire season remains. Things like injuries and slumps are bound to occur, occasional adjustments will need to be made. And no one has ever been handed the Larry O’Brien championship trophy during the first week of November. Or even the final week of February, for that matter.

Still, the Suns fast-break of a start sure beats the alternative. Especially since no one really knew what to expect — including the Suns themselves.

“It’s a whole fresh start for us with a lot of new players,” Nash said. “Last year was basically a throw away year with so many things thrown at us. We’re not really sure what to expect going into this season. So we’re just trying to find ourselves and try to be as positive and work as hard as we can everyday to get a little better.”

Think about that. The Suns think they can still get better. And guess what? They‘re right.

Nash also speaks the truth when he talks about the changes to the Suns’ roster.

Shaquille O’Neal is gone. Jason Richardson and Channing Frye just finished their first training camp in Phoenix. The Suns went from being one of the older teams in the league to one with an average age of 26.5.

The bench is now youthful, athletic and determined with guys like Jared Dudley, Lou Amundson and rookie Earl Clark. And did we mention the Suns beat the Celtics without Leandro Barbosa?

Combine all that with the fact the Suns seemingly must hit the road more than the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and they would have plenty of excuses to not be doing so well.

Yet here they are. Six games, five wins, and an endless supply of handshakes, hugs and high fives.

Oh, yeah. There was a little bit of defense, too. It’s true — in each of their five wins, the Suns have made the big stops when they had to have them. So while they can still run you off the court, these Suns are placing more of an emphasis on bending their knees, shuffling their feet and staying between the ball and the basket.

“I like the fact that the first things our guys said when we went into the locker room (after the game) was that we won it with our defense again,” said Suns coach Alvin Gentry.

Then Gentry repeated himself, as if he wanted to make sure you heard him loud and clear.

“We really did win it with our defense,” he said.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what the Suns have been serving. After all, believing should no longer be a difficult thing to do.

Sam Amico writes for NBA.com and is a regular contributor to Suns.com. He can be reached at amico@probasketballnews.com.

  • Buckdawg

    Oh I believe baby!!! Honestly, we’ve had the tools, we’ve had the talent for years, but the one consistent thing we lacked, the one thing that separates championship teams from would-be’s, is heart. And I saw more heart, hustle, determination and desire, from any combined Phoenix team, in that last game against Boston, than I had in years. Yes, it’s only one win. Yes, it’s still early. Yes, we’d be stupid to pin our hopes for the season on that one win alone. But I agree completly with the tone this article sets, in that maybe it’s time to start believing in our boys again! For the first time in a long time, in the valley of the sun, there is a sense of something special in the air… and I like it!!! Go Suns!!!

  • Breanna

    I have believed, I’m, not starting right now, I’ll just continue

  • san diego suns fan

    you know theres always alot of talk about defense and dont get me wrong it does win championships but the way this team is playing together and believeing in the system is the key to this start..Grant HIll said himself “this training camp was the best hes ever had” because 95% of the team was playing together before any other team even thought about it… ive been a suns fan for a long time and i believe. Nash is back wooop wooop… GOOO SUNS


    We very seldom hear to much talk about chemistry, heart and players having fun in pro sports. It’s mostly about being mean, tough and barely getting along with teammates. To me thats why this Suns team is gaining attention. Who doesn’t like a cinderella story or an underdog coming out of nowhere? With nothing but bad news hitting us every day, we all need something to smile about. Wouldn’t be a kick if that something was right here in Phoenix Arizona. Believe, you bet, and if this chemistry thing continues our Suns will be drawing a whole lot more believers real soon.

  • George Mojica Jr

    i believe that suns will get the trophy.

  • http://yahoo.mail Chino

    I’ve been a fan of the phoenix suns since steve nash arrived in 04-05 season I think. . since then I believe they can win the championship..unfortunately they encountered a lot of bumps in the road; Injuries, suspension, game fixing by the refs…but now, it’s a new year, new hope, still believing the suns are a long way to go.. I hope they continue playing well together, win games and make the playoffs and then let’s see what happens from there..God bless PHX!

    Manila, Philippines

  • Lisa M. McGhee

    i will always believe in my team. they are gelling together quite well. That is a positive. I always watch them on tv when they are on, and its hard cause i live in california. but if i can’t catch them on tv I listen online. I am so excited for what is to come. The win over Boston was awesome. the whole team is stepping up to every challenge which is nice to see. 5-1 after 6 games, i have waited all year for the season to start. they haven’t disappointed. Go Suns.. the whole team is making everyone smile like they to are smiling. you can tell how much fun they are having… Lets make it happen.. Like tnt says, Phoenix Suns basketball “where amazing happens”. They are definitely amazing.

  • CarlaP2

    I have always believed, but it’s so nice to see the guys acutally SMILING AGAIN! OMGosh..they’re having fun again. And it’s great to see that we are getting JRich to do what he was hired to do. It’s so exciting to see that we’ve got the weapons again, found a few 3 shooters now that Raja is gone. One game doesn’t win the season, but I have to say..I think this is going to be one on the edge of your seat, or just plain standing up and cheering them on year! It’s going to be exciting and fun to watch folks..just you wait and see! GOOOO SUNS! (sorry I don’t say Phx. because I believe they belong to all of us of AZ. ;) lol)

  • Caroline Mui

    I am loving the Suns more than ever and that says a lot because I thought I couldn’t love them even more than I have before. Yay, go Suns!!!!

  • Mandeep Khaira

    Nash for the MVP….Suns for the championship…I BELIEVE!!!!

  • g0ast

    Wow, who knew that fighting for rebounds gets more shooting opportunities for the team with the hottest offense in the league? I think we were out rebounded in Boston by just 3 boards right?.. I can’t wait to see what we do on the Spurs, look out Duncan, you’re gonna have 4 Suns players jumping with you every time.

  • Tato Vieira

    I am trully satisfied with the optimism that fans are showing. An enthusiastic support when playing at home could make some difference. On the other hand, during the last two years, Suns have been staying farther from the title than in 2006/2007, the best group of the decade. No good news this year in terms of defense and control of the paint. No definite strategy regarding tempo. I hope coach Alvin Gentry make ends meet with limited resources that he has available.

  • Will

    It is still very early in the season


    Nice rebound from a sloppy first half against the Wizards. It was a good solid win, now on to Philly. Look, you can say what you want about rebounds, points in the paint and offense strategy, there are all important. Bottom line, you can’t forsee chemistry, heart and hustle. This Suns team is unique, it doesn’t happen very often if at all. We have enough talent and will get our points in the paint. As far as defense this team plays enough now to compliment it’s style. Forget 2006 and 2007, no rings were handed out to Suns players that year. Maybe that will be the case this year, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, this fan has waited along time to see our team have this much togetherness and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  • junim

    I ever belive. The Suns have determination, the good ffense and good defense, it is early in the season but SUNS CHAMPIONS AND NASH MVO I BELIVE!!!

  • Nelson Dean

    My husband and I have been Suns fans from the very beginning.

    We want to thank Jerry Colangelo for bringing sports to the valley.

    We have had many wonderful coaches and teams. Now it is 2009, we continue to sopport all of you.

    Have a great year!

  • http://yahoo.com Ricky Madril

    I have and always will believe in the Suns! We are a younger team this year and seem to have a spark that we haven’t had in years, not only on the offensive side but on the defensive side too..Yes we will have a few bumps here and there, but with Channing Frye being able to step out and shoot we will be able to spread other team’s defense, unlike we could with Shaq which in turn will allow Nash and Richerdson the ability to drive and give Amare more room to work. I think the Suns have the ability to win it all, the key is consistency and being able to control the paint in terms of defense as well as staying healthy and being able to get over that play-off hump.

  • Kathy Davis

    I have always been a Big time Suns Fan. I am originally from Arizona, but moved to Alabama. I am so excited to see the Suns doing so good I signed up for the NBA Lesgue Pass so I can watch their games. I think this year is going to be year of the Suns. Go Suns!!! I Believe!!!

  • John Dzurka

    what is the special code for november ticket sales.
    i understand that there is special pricing for all November home games, but I require code to enter on ticketmaster.

  • Jaocob Padilla

    I started believing last year when Porter got fired. The Suns’ starting 5 is as talented as any in the league, we’ve got one of the best sixth men in the NBA, and we’ve got some blue collar players off the bench. Steve will once again become an MVP candidate if he can continue playing like this, lead the league in assists, and thge Suns win 50+ games. The defensive improvement is evident, and the chemistry is definitely there. You combine that with the so-called big 5 times (LA, SA, BOS, ORL, and CLE) not looking too great early on and the Suns definitely have a chance to make some noise this year. I believe this season will rely on 2 players: Amare and … Robin Lopez. Amare needs to step up defensively, have the best year of his career (in rebounds and blocks as well as points) and earn his money. If Robin can improve to the point where he can be a big time rebounder and shut down – or at least contain – opposing big men w/o fouling out, then the Suns are going to go deep this year.

    PHX fan in Omaha, NE

  • Izzy

    Well, the mighty PHX Suns have got at least one passionate believer in Australia!!!

    Repping the Suns down in Tasmania, home of the tassie devil,

    Izzy :)

    Nash 4 MVP
    Frye for Most Improved
    SUNS 4 THE TROPHY 2009/10

  • paul rodriguez

    i am excited i love our suns always have always will i think our bench is so tough i love it! they hold us down when they need to and we are just looking so good right now so glad to see goran coming to life with every opportunity
    he’s given. lou,jared they r the heart of this team str8 up ! glad to see channing come home wildcats allday :) gooooo suns!!!! I AM ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerick rodriguez

    Well…I love Steve Nash because of awesome play.Since he was on Dallas Team I recognize him as a playmaker he make a player
    better because of passing ability he pass the ball with passion.Now his Team Suns its much better because his coach believe him and his team mate. Teamwork only works when everyone believing does a fans believing? GO SUNS !!! BELIEVE

  • Chris

    Yes, you need good D, yes you need that spark in your offense, and yes having all-star caliber players and young guys and vet’s is a big factor that plays a very large part, and yes we have had all this in our past years with the exception of our D, but there’s one thing in my mind that I feel a championship caliber team needs the most, It’s Heart and Passion. I feel that the 2005 and 06 suns teams were to cocky and didn’t have the chemistry. I Feel that 2007 was the year we were most deserving but i can’t explain what happened. 2009 is a new year and i feel we are making up for our 2007 down fall, This is the year, in the words of both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, “Were gonna win, yeah, that’s not me bragging, that’s me beleiving…”

  • http://myembarq.com niecco palalay

    i would really love to see thee phoenix suns win an nba championship title.nash and grant hill deserve nba rings more than some nba players who happened to be on the right team at the right time.in doing so,i srongly believe that comes february when comes trade time,the only clue to the puzzle would be a big and strong center to strengthen their defense and rebounds.

  • Robert

    I’ve never stopped believing in the Suns! GO SUNS!!!

  • Andrew

    I have not been this excited about the SUNS team for a long time now! I have to admit I was skeptical at first when we were playing sub par teams but “I BELIEVE … I BELIEVE … I BELIEVE!!!” I am really excited about the Whole team, our bench is phenomenal! All you can say it they have Heart they are hungry and it really show!. Go SUNS!!

  • jun butal

    I’m proud to say i’m the most avid steve nash/phx suns fan ever! lol.. I have and always will believe in the phx suns! i’m glad many of us are optimistic with their success so far in this season.. they’re so much fun to watch and i can see they’re really having fun! hopefully, all their hardwork, heart and determination will pay off by the end of this season through a championship ring! let’s continue supporting our team guys ‘coz they really need it… GO SUNS!!! all the way to the top… GO STEVIE!!! our mvp… =)

  • jun butal

    let’s continue supporting our suns guys!!! go steve! =)

  • doyll

    yeah! its good to see the run and gun suns back to their style of playing! i believe they can win a trophy. i have always hated the spurs for defeating the suns every playoffs.
    But we will see this season how far the suns can go. I believe they can improve their defense. GO suns. nash mvp!!

  • Judy

    I think the SUNS are doing AWESOME!!! I just cant wait to see them play again ! yea they have a few tweeks they may have tpo do but I think Coach Alvin is doing a really Fantastic job ! I have always Belived The SUNS last yr had way to many problems that they had no control over. but, when Coach Alvin step in things started to turn around but it was to late . Keep it going Phoenix your D an O are Great! love seeing you guys rebounding too. GO ! SUNS!! YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com arcywafu

    now that nash is back i believe suns can win the trophy.. just continue the hard work and determination.. you’ll get it! and please no more injuries :) im arcy from philippines a no.1 fan of phx suns!

  • http://www.SunsDynasty.com Bryce

    I believe! Shock the world, Suns!



    Huge comeback win over Philly. Jared Dudley, could this be our sixth man of the year? What a performance, scoring, defense and most importantly tenacity and hustle, he was everywhere. JRich is smoking hot, and who said he can’t play defense. Nash and Hill keep this up and the NBA will be checking them for “youth” enhancing formula. Okay, it’s early, I understand that, but this team has the chemistry to be special. When was the last time you saw a Suns team come from behind on a back to back on the road by playing defense down the stretch? It has special written all over it.

  • Gail Haynes

    I have been a Suns Fan for many years, and always a fan whether winning or loosing. My observations are when upper management stays our of coaching the team, and lets the coaches do their job, and with the players doing their best, we will see a mighty team that works well together.