In its heyday, both NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition were released and became instant bestsellers with Suns teams that included Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Danny Manning, Wayman Tisdale and even the Gorilla. The game has always left us wondering though, what if they made a Suns-centric version of the game that included teams from each decade and the “odd” pairings that secret cheat codes always provided? Who would reign supreme and who would fall flatter than a full court shot by a center in the game?

This March, we’re setting out to end that debate. While we couldn’t convince EA Sports to actually create the game for us — although, we’ll happily accept if you want to make us the offer — we figured we’d let our experts debate who would be the best team and let fans vote on it as well.

We’ll have two of our resident Suns and NBA Jam experts, Greg Esposito and Brad Faye, debate the match up and your vote decides who moves on to the next round.

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In terms of Suns history, it doesn’t get any more old school than this squad. Over the years, Van Arsdale has obviously become synonymous with Suns history, but people forget about how great a player Goodrich was. In Phoenix’s first year, Goodrich – acquired by the Suns in the expansion draft – averaged 23.8 points per game. But not only could he score the ball, but he proved himself a worthy passer that season too by finishing seventh in the NBA in assists-per-game average. I might not be dunking from the free throw line with this team, but with Goodrich and Van Arsdale together, I’m thinking I could throw on some bell-bottoms, jam out to a Beatles vinyl and take both Hawkins and Walk to school.


NBA Jam. The ability to throw the ball through the hoop in a powerful and unforgiving manner is right there in the title. That’s why this match up is hands down a no-brainer. You have to select the pairing of Connie Hawkins and Neal Walk. No. 42 was the original high flyer in the NBA and did things Dr. J would later make more popular. When you pair him with Walks ability to rebound and score in the low post, this is a dangerous team. Not to mention their hair stylings, both on the top of their head and in the facial department, would make them the coolest team in the game hands down. They’d hand the Original Sun and Gail Goodrich their lunch, Beatles lunchbox and all, in this matchup.

You make the call. Who would be a better NBA Jam team?

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