In its heyday, both NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition were released and became instant bestsellers with Suns teams that included Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Danny Manning, Wayman Tisdale and even the Gorilla. The game has always left us wondering though, what if they made a Suns-centric version of the game that included teams from each decade and the “odd” pairings that secret cheat codes always provided? Who would reign supreme and who would fall flatter than a full court shot by a center in the game?

This March, we’re setting out to end that debate. While we couldn’t convince EA Sports to actually create the game for us — although, we’ll happily accept if you want to make us the offer — we figured we’d let our experts debate who would be the best team and let fans vote on it as well.

We’ll have two of our resident Suns and NBA Jam experts, Greg Esposito and Brad Faye, debate the match up and your vote decides who moves on to the next round.

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Has Eddie Johnson ever been faced with a shot that he didn’t like? No. Would I ever hesitate to pull the trigger with “EJ” from any place closer than the halfcourt line? No. And making this team even better is the fact that you’d be pairing Johnson up with a completely selfless player in Scott Williams who only cares about winning. Even if it means just rebounding Johnson’s misses and playing hard on the defensive end of the floor, Williams would be more than up for the challenge.


One of the best parts of the original NBA Jam was the secret characters you could unlock that usually had some very unique characteristics. The team of Elliot Perry and Lou Amundson fit that perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to play with Perry sporting his socks up beyond his knees and dropping dimes while Amundson acted like a beast on the boards with his locks of love? EJ and Scott Williams couldn’t hold a candle to that.

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