Suns One On One host Greg Esposito sat down for an extensive and in depth interview with legendary Suns broadcaster Al McCoy. center The two discussed Al’s illustrious career from his time as a boy in Iowa to the 1993 finals and to the current team. Hear all that and much more in this super sized episode of Suns One on One.

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About Greg Esposito

Hi, my name is Greg Esposito, my friends call me Espo and I’m a Phoenix Suns-aholic. I also happen to be the team's Social Media Specialist as well as one of the online content creators. You'll find my sarcastic musings here on as the Suns Retorter.

  • Ted Dusseau

    HEY THERE!!! Suns fan since 1977, My family and I would turn the TV volume down, and crank up Al on the radio. The mental pictures of the game thru Al’s words would often be even BETTER than watching the game. Of all the times I went to a live game, I had to take a transistor radio to get the play by play from Al. From this Ive become a bigger fan of the game from his commitment to the best color / play calling in the business. I had put to of his “Catch-Phrases” on my personalized plates also.
    SUNS PLATE reading – SWISHRU
    SUNS PLATE reading – HTBKHTL
    Thanks for the memories
    OH BROTHER!!!!!!!
    Ted Dusseau

  • Karl Reichardt

    Great broadcast Greg. I love Al McCoy. He is an icon and an institution.I have been a Suns fan since the first season in 1968 and I was 13 years old. I remember Al doing Phoenix Giants games and I used to sit under the booth at Municipal Stadium and listen to him broadcast. I also remember him doing Roadrunner games as my parents had season tickets to the Roadrunners and I remember the post game shows on the drive home from the Veterans Memorial Colisseum to Tempe. Great memories from Al of the 1976 season which was significant for me as I graduated from college that year. He still is the greatest.

  • Adam Denny Chavez

    Al, I have been a Phoenix Sun since 1973 when I came back from Flagstaff and turned on the TV Set and was awed when say them play Boy those were the days! Thanks for the memories and with I say SHAZAM

  • Fran Frost

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL… all our best wishes, Don and Fran Frost… see you next season! Go Suns

  • Marc Garrison

    I remember Al….Happy Birthday