(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

This one can be summed up in three words. Come to think of, three letters and one explanation point will suffice: W-O-W!

The way the Suns have taken the NBA by storm (not to mention complete surprise), you’d think a home town pundit’s biggest concern would be the risk of getting carried away too soon. But the way the Suns are torching opponents, my biggest concern is the danger of running out of adjectives of the superlative persuasion before Christmas.

Yes I know it’s only November, but even some experts around the league have already moved the Suns from the bottom rung of the playoff ladder to a top four rung in their various power rankings!

And that was BEFORE Wednesday night’s awesome demolition of the Hornets!

The first period was a 12-minute highlight reel. With a minute to play in the period the Suns were hitting 83 percent from the field, and what was even more impressive than that other-worldly number was that it as much a reflection of their flawless execution as uncanny marksmanship!

You expect the Suns to score a lot, of course, but they also dominated the boards and unveiled a basketball version of desert swarm that had the Hornets struggling to reach the 40 percent mark in shooting from the field.

It was the 12th straight home victory dating back to the end of last season, and the Suns are now shooting better from behind the arc than two thirds of the teams in the NBA are shooting from in front of it! (I may run out of exclamation points before the end of this column.)

Nobody expected the Suns to be this good – although I suspect they themselves thought they just might have  something special brewing – and Coach Alvin was sandbagging a tad with his humble assessment that while the team might start slowly there was hope for improvement.

Obviously, it’s far too early to say this team is actually 8-1 good, and one of the more poetic truisms in the league is that at the end of the day they’ll never remember how you played in November.

But one thing that can be said with certainty is the Suns have reclaimed their title as the NBA’s most entertaining team. And it’s hard to shake the feeling they just might be putting something special together. Maybe it will turn out to be a mirage, but for the once there is a kind of an aura that’s a potentially potent mix of attitude and ability.

It’s also worth noting that Mike D’Antoni’s best team generated a similar type of momentum in the early going, and it just grew and grew.

As usual, the catalyst is Steve Nash.  It turns out it wasn’t age that slowed him down last year. It was weight!  Now 345 pounds lighter he’s back at full speed. He’s already had two 20-assist games is orchestrating the offense with his old MVP verve.

But it isn’t just Nash. It isn’t just any ONE player. It’s more like nine or ten.  One thing that tends to get lost in the NBA star shuffle that is the NBA is that it’s not so much how good your pieces are but how well they fit. And from what we’ve seen so far, the Suns have some good pieces and they fit perfectly!

The bottom line: What else? W-O-W!


    So well put Joe, as only you can write it. Amare’s buying into the team chemistry is what really excites me. Look, we all know this magical mystery tour is sure to hit some bumps, but the foundation is there for a great and maybe NBA history making turnaround. Are we the best team in the NBA? That may be a little to much this soon. Are we the most exciting, talked about team in the NBA, NO DOUBT!!!!

  • Khadgars

    Looking forward to having the Suns come into LA tomorrow, will be a good test for an undermanned Laker squad. I’ve always been a big fan of Steve Nash, but I’m pretty sure Lakers will handle business.

  • Kevin Williams

    all I know is that we will be put to the test tomorrow night against the lakers…

  • john major

    this is my all time favorite team along with Dallas. I can see that almost all of them contribute and not just 3 or 4 players. nice improvement. LETS GO SUNS!!

  • http://Suns thomas stone

    Please listen, Szczbiak is sitting home and I would trim down the Roster, do what ever you need to do and get him on our team. He will be a factor down the road. We could use a great 3 point shooter, especially if someone, God forbid, goes down for some time. Kerr, pay attention, it would be a good move.

  • pelakis

    hopofully i will be flying to phoenix from my hometown Buenos aires to watch the western conference finals with this COMPLETE team.
    it will be very good for nba to have a champ with this kind of play.
    good luck suns.
    1 of lots of fans around the world.

  • Gary in SD

    They’re #1 in the NBA.com Power Rankings, which came out even before this win last night… Vegas is not respecting them though, they’re 7.5 pt underdogs in LA tonight. Hopefully they’ll prove them wrong too.

  • Big D

    Gary, I think we were 7.5 point underdogs against Boston, too. LA will not be easy, but if the Suns play their hearts out they definitely have a chance to take the win.

  • Please Stephen Jackson

    Hello, I’m spanish and I’m a fan of the Suns and in especial of the Steve Nash.
    I would say that the Suns can get the ring. The only thing that they need is that the injuries respect and another player for the rotation. My player: Stephen Jackson. Is it possible? The ring can come to phoenix?
    Answer me.
    A Spanish fan of the Suns.

  • murf

    Couldn’t agree more, Strapper! And it’s good to see that Gentry is using his bench more than Diantonio ever did. Maybe the Suns will have something left, come playoff time.

  • Paolo C

    Suns have always been my favorite team. The way we are right now…i think we have a very good chance in LA tonight(especially with Gasol out)…but better not jinx anything for now…But if we could our hands on stephen jackson without losing or trading anyone else…i think our SUNS can really take it all the way!!! Good job coach Gentry!

  • Kew

    This is a much different version of the run and gun style of offense. We are doing two things that make this a definite threat come playoff time. First, our defense is finally an asset. There is true hustle going thru the veins of the suns players right now. And second, the bench. Talk about deep. The only thing that can stop the suns tonight will be themselves.


    It had to come Joe, that bump in the road and LA made it a big one. Talk about a loaded team, come on, and this without Gasol. Notice how the Lakers schedule has them playing the next eleven or so games at home, only one back to back so far and they had three days rest before playing us, although to be fair the Suns have no answer for Bynum, he could have scored fifty. Suns need to forget this one, get back to work and keep the chemistry going.

  • Gary in SD

    No big deal… The “evil empire” had 4 days of rest and the Suns were playing their 4th game in 5 days. There’s no doubt in my mind at all that if the roles had been reversed and that game had been played in Phx, the results would have been opposite as the Suns would have rolled them the same way. Just like Denver crushed them last night (thanks nugs!)… No need to worry yet whatsoever.


    The Lakers got theirs last night at Denver Joe. Oh!! It’s sweet when whatever goes around comes around. The “kings” of the NBA found out it’s not so easy back to back. Sorry to gloat but I can’t help smiling today after watching that BLOWOUT. Sort of takes the sting out of our lose to them, even the “immortal” Lakers are human after all.

  • http://Suns.Com G Hall Of Fame

    I agree with everyone who said we should pursue Stephen Jackson. But we also must address Defensive rebounding and perimeter better than average defender.Robin lopez is not only hurt but he is young and not very athletic. Why not attempt to get a Ty Chandler from Charlotte, or Emeka Okafor from N.O, Marcus Camby from L.A or maybe even Chris Bosh from Toronto. Maybe a little difficult to land Bosh, but it a thought.Maybe a package that would include Okafor and Posey “we must improve on defense and rebound better”. N.O. maybe soon beginning a massive rebuilding project, and may be looking for picks and young talent. Somebody please HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME.


    Thriller against Toronto Joe. Jared Dudley, sixth man all the way if you can keep him out of the starting lineup. Amare shows up big, although the fumbles are starting to concern me, maybe the goggles? Best record in the west, first team to 9 wins, the “Sun” is shining bright.