There have been a few good articles about Phoenix Suns players over the past few days that readers here might find interesting.

The first came out on by J.A. Adande on July 19 and is all about Amaré

Stoudemire. Some excerpts:

“When I suggested it could be a compliment that the trade rumors meant he was equal to Garnett,
[Stoudemire] said, ‘I guess you could look at it that way. But I’m not really
trying to be equal to anybody. I think Kevin’s a great player. But I’m trying to
raise the stakes on my end.’”

Another Adande article

“(Stoudemire) wants to
get better. Suns assistant coach Phil Weber has set two goals for Stoudemire:
win the Most Improved Player award and be named the NBA Finals Most Valuable
Player. I don’t know how you can improve on being First Team All-NBA. First
team All-NBA Ultra-Platinum Edition?”

And my personal

“When asked how far he
can take this, he says, ‘If the sky’s the limit, and the sky’s clear, I guess
you can figure it out from there.’”

The second and third
articles are by Ian Thomsen from First up from Thomsen is his
All-Current Dream Team. Steve Nash obviously made this lineup as the point
guard. Really, who else are you going to put in his place? Amaré Stoudemire
also made Thomsen’s reserves list (behind Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal). So
according to Thomsen, the Suns have two of the best current NBA players in the
league. Not too shabby!

Next from Thomsen is
his All-Future Dream Team. In this list, Thomsen pictures Amaré moving back to
power forward and overtaking everyone to become the best in the league.
Considering he’s nearly overpowering everyone as a center, it’s not too far of a
stretch to picture what he can do if he does move back to the forward

These are just a few
articles to continue to whet your appetite for Phoenix Suns news while we’re in
the dog days of summer. But don’t despair, Suns fans! We’re only 41 days from
training camp!! Until then, feel free to discuss these articles (or suggest
others if you find them) and to get excited about the Suns 202007-08

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