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If fans were to show up to a sporting event a see that featured “Half-Man Half-Amazing” and the “Polish Hammer,” they probably wouldn’t expect to be showing up at a basketball game. They would probably figure they were going to a wrestling match.

But Marcin Gorat, a.k.a., the “Polish Hammer,” and Vince Carter, a.k.a., “Half-Man Half-Amazing,” aren’t a wrestling tag team, they’re members of the Suns. However, both of them stopped by WWE Raw last Monday to check out some live professional wrestling.

For Carter, who was just traded to Phoenix on December 18, it was his first time going out in the Valley since arriving here. Both Carter and Gortat were joined by teammate Hakim Warrick, who professes to being a life-long wrestling fan.

“I used to be a big fan until college fell,” Warrick said. “Then with everything I was doing with basketball, I fell out of the loop a little bit.”

Growing up, Warrick would tune in to wrestling every Monday and would even check out all of the pay-per-view events on Sundays. His favorite wrestlers included, “The Rock,” “Stone Cold Steve Austin,” Shawn Michaels and “Ravishing Rick Rude.”

On Monday, the Suns power forward said that he was kind of embarrassed in how excited he was to see Randy Orton wrestle live. Orton won using his patented RKO (essentially it’s when Orton jumps in the air, grabs his opponents’ head and slams his opponent into the mat).

Of all the players on the Suns, Warrick believes that Gani Lawal would make the best pro wrestler. Practicing against Lawal every day, Warrick knows how physical the Suns rookie can be.

“He’s a beast,” Warrick said.

The problem with Lawal is that his first name, Gani, is eerily similar to one of the most peaceful human beings to ever walk the earth, Gandhi.

“He’s definitely not peaceful,” Warrick jokingly said of Lawal.

Carter disagreed with Warrick, saying that Gortat would make the best wrestler.

“I’d have to give it to him,” Carter said. “How could I not. He looks like one of those Nikolai Volkoff kind of guys. He’s the Iron Sheik or something.”

When that fact was brought up to Warrick, he had to reconsider.

“He does already got the name the ‘Polish Hammer,’” Warrick relented.

As for the “Polish Hammer” himself, he said growing up in Poland that his favorite wrestler was “Goldberg.” Up until Monday, however, he said that he never saw a professional wrestling match live.

“It was really fun,” Gortat said. “Some fighters came out and one of them was looking like a clown to me. It was a great experience.”

Despite how fun it was, Gortat said they’ll be no pro wrestling in his future. Unless of course, Warrick can convince Gortat to let him be his manager.

Warrick’s got big plans for the 6-11 center.

“He and Gani would make a nice tag team,” Warrick said.

  • find_out

    Gortat is from Poland so he would actually hit those guys. Not very suitable person for this sport. Becouse you know there is not something like pretending to hit in Poland. Gortat would say : yeah I won’t hit him again and then he would. That’s the way it is in our country. We can’t control it . It’s genes :) :):). He would make a good boxer though.

  • JAS

    Suns could use some WWE help. The Denver whipping was brutal. You have to start wondering if the coaching staff is the right fit for this team. Suns have talent and it shows up in short bursts. The problem is the total breakdown in all areas that comes so suddenly. At some point it stops being a talent problem and becomes more a desire, heart and motivation letdown. Thats what coaches get millions of dollars to instill in players. Are there any more billionaire Russian owners out there looking for a team?

  • JAS

    The come from behind win against the Nets had all the elements that we Suns fans have enjoyed for a long time. Suns stayed close for most of the game, went in the hole with terrible lack luster play in the second half and made an inspired run to win. It’s all good right? Not so fast there with the chest bumping. Just a couple points to ponder. It was New Jersey, come on, their trying to redo the entire team. Suns were hammered inside all night. Did we get the wrong Lopez twin? Nash looks like a frustrated bride jilted at the alter. Nets bench crushed ours by double digits and the whole team chemistry couldn’t look worse. Add the fact that new Suns management took a huge, embarrasing hit against Denver and this game although we won probably only recieved an exhale from the top brass. A win is a win but our Suns are on nothing but the road to slot heaven. My opinion, Nash, Frye, Lopez and either Warrick or Childress along with Dujuric (if he doesn’t turn it around fast) are on the bubble. Throw in Gentry and the entire Suns anemic coaching staff. Should this be such a surprise? It’s been coming for the last 5 yrs.