The legend goes that Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León traveled to Florida in search of the fountain of youth. There may be a reason he never found it.

It seems like he had the right idea to search in a place with great weather that what would one day become a retirement destination. He just had the wrong state.

That mythical rejuvenating fountain of water may be located somewhere in Arizona – more specifically the US Airways Center.

Just trying to keep up with all the games on NBA League Pass on a nightly basis – 66 games in 120 nights for most teams – could cause even the fittest fan a sprained thumb, a strained neck, or at the very least leave them gasping for air. Just imagine what it could do to someone actually playing in said games.

Despite one of the most compact schedules in league history, however, the Phoenix Suns have managed to avoid the injury bug at a historic pace according to Basketball Prospectus.

In analyzing why the Phoenix Suns have exceeded expectations by staying in the playoff race through the season’s final week, the training room is a good place to start. There’s likely to be plenty of room, because the Suns are enjoying one of the healthiest seasons in NBA history. Combined, the entire Phoenix roster has missed just 18 games to injury all year. That’s fewer than 55 different players in the league have missed all by themselves.

Aaron Nelson and the rest of the Suns training staff may not have actually discovered what the Spanish explorer spent so much time searching for – although they do have a cryo-chamber – but if the Suns remain healthy they might just become legendary around the NBA. Or at the very least go down in NBA history as the trainers who oversaw the healthiest team ever in the league.

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