(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Suns are good to go. On the road that is. With five games on the road in the next seven days they felt going in that it behooved them to be sure to pack a 3-0 record along with their other travel gear, and they completed that mission by burying the T-Wolves under a barrage of their trademark threes.

And discount the caliber of the opposition to this point all you want, the fact is there are significant signs happy days (i.e., the heyday of the Coach Mike era) are here again.

And perhaps the most encouraging one in terms of looking down the road is evidence the Suns are once again starting to wear down opponents by simply running them into the ground.

It was a familiar pattern two years ago— other teams coming out hitting on all cylinders early on, and then gradually running out of gas. The Suns scored points in league-leading bunches last year too, but by the end of many games they were often the ones breathing extra hard.

This year Coach Alvin’s emphasis on running seems to already be paying dividends, and Sunday night was a case in point as the Wolves matched the Suns hoop for hoop through most of the first half before cooling off. Although a sloppy finish skewered the result a bit, the bottom line is the Suns looked much fresher down the stretch. And this was pretty much the case in their other two wins also.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that they were shooting threes even better than they were shooting twos, with Channing Frye continuing his remarkable spree with six of 10 from arc city. He is now 13 for 20 from long range, and having a 6-11 center that kind shoot that well from that far out really complicates what was already the unenviable task of defending the Suns.

“It really stretches the floor and opens things up,” said Coach Alvin. All five starters scored at least 14 points, led by Jason Richardson, who confirmed his great training camp by scoring 25 points in his first game since coming off suspension.

The bottom line: You give Steve Nash this many weapons to choose from and you’re looking at a team that’s going to be dangerous regardless of its well documented (over-documented, it says here) rebounding and defensive deficiencies.

  • Art Stoltz

    Phoenix Suns
    Right Now Your the very BEST
    It look as all the players are at MID season form
    Am surprised because of pre season
    The coaches are doing a very good job
    The next 5 road games if we continue to shoot at this rate
    Amare is getting better each game
    Nash is Steve Nash
    MVP 2 times
    I havent seen him better
    he is doing it all
    Im Excited !!
    Art SToltz


    This is almost to much fun to handle so far. Okay, I know it’s only three games, but this Suns team has the chemistry to make things interesting in the wild west. We finally have a bench that can maintain and even expand a lead. Frye just needed a team that was a good fit, lets give Kerr some credit for that one. Running, defense, three’s falling in from everywhere, who are these masked men in orange?

  • Brandon

    Are the Suns a contender? Usually when a team is like in the Suns shoes you can’t really find your answer until later in the season. Well we’ll know early in the season with this road trip coming up. Actually let’s call it a test. This test will provide all the sport analyst answers about the Suns.

  • http://www.marklongmusic.com Mark

    Suns are looking great so far! They are playing like a team again. I’m excited for this season!

    Go Suns!

  • alex cerna
  • mkdo

    the addition of frye may be the most underrated yet the best move this preseason.
    it will be nice to see AMARE coming back to his 25ppg form and the other 4 starters having the consistency.
    i hope that lopez could return early so that we can see whether he can help on the boards and defense.
    seems like grant hill can be a very good hustle player, is he the one leading the team in rebounds???

  • http://galvara1022@yahoo.com George

    Too early to say whether the Suns are a contender. I do believe they will make the playoffs if they continue to play as they do and stay healthy. I’m excited about Frye and when Lopez comes back that will surely add more depth and potential to our team.


    Joe, can it be this good? Am I dreaming or do you see it too? Our Suns with heart and grit 4-0 after taking it to the Heat with Barbossa on the bench. The short, old, no defense Phoenix Suns, don’t you just love it when the experts get it shoved where the “Sun” don’t shine!!!


    It’s going to happen more times than not Joe, you play your heart out one night and get stuck with a crazy schedule that puts you up against a premier team on the road, back to back. Whoever the NBA genius was who put this early season schedule together for our Suns I wish him/her writers cramp for eternity. I’m amazed that our boys, without Barbosa, still had enough left to make it a game at the half. The lack of experienced young legs and depth will continue to be a big hurdle.


    It’s for real Joe, Suns have chemistry and heart, just ask the no longer undefeated Boston Celtics. Talk about coming out of nowhere, who would have thought it possible? You tighten up the defense just a little bit further, cut a few risky mistakes here and there, and stay away from any major injuries, be afraid, be very afraid.