Following Friday morning’s shootaround, it was business as usual for the Suns’ Amar’e Stoudemire.

And by “business as usual,” I mean the All-Star forward was yet again fielding questions about all those trade rumors even a day after the NBA’s trading deadline passed. Of course, this time they were all in the past tense.

“Trades are a part of the game,” Stoudemire said. “Trades happen every year to franchise players. It’s nothing personal at all. It’s business. Whatever situation I was presented with, I was going to accept that role and attack it with full aggressiveness.

“It’s definitely over with in terms of the trade talk. Now we can focus on our main goal as a team and see if we can accomplish that.”
STAT admitted he will wait until the offseason to decide his future in Phoenix and also talked about dining with Managing Partner Robert Sarver and President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Steve Kerr Thursday night.

“It was more me wanting to talk to them about the situation and what we are trying to do in terms of the goals of the team,” Stoudemire said. “We had a great dinner and a great conversation. I feel confident about the situation.

“It was strictly a positive conversation. I just got a few things off my chest, but overall it was great for all of us to sit down and talk about everything and go from there.”

Business aside, the power forward said now he can go back to concentrating on the game – the same thing he was doing as his name swirled amidst all those recent trade rumors.

“I was focusing on basketball regardless,” Stoudemire smiled. “From my teammates’ standpoint, now they know nothing is going to happen, and we can totally focus as a unit to figure out what we can do to make this playoff push.”

  • Maxine Kuykendall

    Front office. Want an NBA Championship? then do not let it slip through your fingers. Look what Jerry West accomplished last year behind closed doors. Now the Suns can do the same thing. Send Nash to Dallas to talk to his buddy, Dirk. They make more money than they ever can spend. But are for sure getting too old to win the NBA Championship. Nash can convince Dirk. And I believe we can get Booke Lopez, with the help of his brother and Mother.With Robin, Jared, Nash, Amare and Dirk and maybe Booke Lopez. What can be pulled to put that together? Nets would take Frye (cannot rebound) hit or miss on his 3 pointer. As Barkley has said live by the 3 and you will die by the 3. Please figure out away for us to get these two players. We have inside help to make it happen. we need a ring before Nash is too old.Send Dallas two of our Bench players that are youg???? Act now, we need an NBA Championship before the Stars get too old.

  • Maxine Kuykendall

    Heart to Heart to Amare. Are you going to continue Rebounding or become lazy again. Someone needs to teach Frye he will not get hurt to go for a few rebounds and needs to work on his free throws. Why are they call “Free Throws:,I cannot believe how some do not work on that part of their game. Of course Steve is number 1 in the NBA with a 94% average. He can walk up an shoot a techinal and most players that shoot good at the line, cannot hit a techinal. Most 3 points made, and Karl leaves him on the bench when a 3 pointer would win the game for the West. Carmello shots a side shot and so DirK, why did he not go with Billups or take Nash off of the bench and watch what he can do in a clutch. He has proved that many times. Left
    Williamson in the game after 4 turnovers and a very un-necessary foul on wade, who made both and remember we only lost by two. Not a thinking coach.

  • Daniel Valenzuela

    I am glad STAT is still in Phoenix, he is one of the last men standing! First Joe Johnson left, Marion, and Coach D’Antoni, this franchise has gone down slowly since Steve Kerr jumped in the mix! Steve Kerr is the problem!!!!!!

  • Ben Johannsen

    Thank you Robert Sarver and Steve Kerr for making the correct choice and KEEPING Amar’e. My hope is all can reach a deal and keep him here for the rest of his career. Go Suns!!


    Very nice win over the Hawks. The bench came through big. Lopez just might be for real. Suns are between a rock and Nash fading down the stretch. Give him some rest now and maybe no playoffs, a big problem. As far as the Amare situation goes, the trades the Suns were exploring would have probably cost us a chance at any playoff hope. With Stat, it’s 65% we get in 7 or 8. It’s a business first remember and the playoffs are big business.

  • Jeremy Paulison

    The smart move obviously was to keep Amar’e. Funny you say Frye needs to work on FTs cuz he is the 3rd best FT shooter on our team (not counting LB) at 79 percent.. The Butler/Haywood trade coupled with the Marion signing will put Cuban knee deep in the luxury tax but dirk has said that he wants to finish his career in dallas and there is no way we can afford to bring dirk here.. only way i could see dirk coming here is if amar’e opts out and dallas takes j rich.. and the Nets wouldnt trade B-Lo and for what Frye brings he is dirt cheap (2 mil a year). I just thought it was weird that Karl played chauncey the entire fourth since he was only there cuz of the injury to Chris Paul. And about B-Lo again i think that Robin has more upside than his brother and your idea of having both of them WITH dirk and amare is a little weird. Not totally sure why Sarver turned down Stoudemires extension proposal cuz it wasnt a max contract but anyway re-sign amar’e. lopez i believe will turn into a tyson chandler/marcus camby type player which is perfect.


    Another very solid Sun win over the fading Kings. Amare probably has one more shot at superstar status and he could get there if he played every game rebounding and playing some defense like he did tonight. Nash didn’t seem to let the back problems bother him, but the clock is ticking. I think the playoffs hinge on how much we have to rest him. Suns need Earl Clark to bust loose, if he starts to make an impact our playoff picture looks alot better.


    Suns came up with a huge game in beating the Thunder. These are the efforts that make you shake your head and say the Suns can be contenders. Sure Goran isn’t Nash, but he defends much better, especially on the rotation. I give alot of credit to JRich, defending stars is tough enough, but he was defending a superstar in Durrant and he still wins the game for the Suns. If we can hold it together while Nash gets a second wind and Djuric continues to cut Nash’s minutes, if Barbossa comes back with anything at all we could possibly get in at 6 or 7 and not have to face probable first round exit care of LA.


    Had a day to think about the inspiring win over the Thunder. You could say it was almost like getting a glimpse of what a future Suns team may look like. Not a bad picture? Well, not until you begin realizing Amare will probably be gone, with nothing coming back to us in return. Hill gets even older, or retired and Nash possibly calls it quits, the back failing to respond after all the abuse it’s taken. Now that almost trade for Battier and Scola sounds pretty good to me, not that it was bad to begin with. This senario even gets worse if we don’t make the playoffs this year. Big gamble by Suns management over a couple draft choices.