As you look back on the Suns season, you sense the Suns just needed a break! They certainly didn’t get any breaks in Round 2 with the Spurs.

A dejected Steve Nash walks off the AT&T Center in San Antonio after the Suns were eliminated by the Spurs on Friday night.
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Between Steve Nash’s bloody nose and the suspensions of Amaré Stoudemire and Boris Diaw, the team’s “Eyes on the Prize”, came to grinding halt. It will be a series that will always be tainted!

The question now being raised is… will the window of opportunity to win a title remain open? So often teams assume they will get in position to win it all, several times or at least the next season.

NFL coach Dick Vermeil, who won one Super Bowl and lost another, once told me, “You better win it now, because you may never get back here again.” Certainly, the Suns let a golden opportunity get away.

Dallas had been eliminated, the Suns had home court advantage the rest of the way and the team for the first time in two seasons was healthy. The quick exit makes a third straight Pacific Division title, a franchise record 17-game winning streak and a 61-win season be almost forgotten. The Suns admit that their entire success would be determined only by what they accomplished in the post-season.

Many experts would like to tell you that the Sun’s high-octane, up tempo-style of play, just doesn’t hold-up in the playoffs. I disagree!!

The style can work, especially now that the defense has tightened up. The Suns showed some new found toughness that bodes well for the future.

Will the Suns stand pat, or make wholesale changes?? Steve Nash has urged patience, to take time to let the season to sink in.

The Suns face a luxury -tax hit, estimated at $ 12 million dollars if they return to core of players and sign 3 first round draft picks.

They can expect continuing growth from Amaré, Leandro and Boris, and Nash shows no signs of slowing down. It seems everyone is quick to trade Shawn Marion, but I remind those who do, that his style of play is perfect for the Suns System.

I would like to see Mike D’Antoni be able to expand the bench, get more players into the rotation. This season’s additions, Banks, Rose, Piatkowski and Jones never made an impact. Mike has been criticized for being stubborn and not playing them more, but I honestly believe he didn’t feel they were good enough to invest minutes. Mike since the end of the season has admitted the Suns need depth and that he’s “on it.”

Finally, it was a remarkable run. I wish the regular season had ended in January, after the team went 15-1 and were the talk of the basketball world. At that time the Suns looked invincible!!

But, still there is no NBA Title.

It leaves the Suns as the best franchise to have never won a championship.

It hurts to know this season was probably the best shot the Suns have ever had at winning the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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