The world of sports is rife with superstitions. The most famous ones are found in baseball: Don’t talk to a pitcher in the midst of throwing a no-hitter, don’t step on the chalked baselines when running onto the field. But in all sports, one superstition holds true: Don’t Mess With A Winning Streak.

Macaroni and Cheese: Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

That means do everything every day the exact way you did it the day the winning streak started. Change nothing. And it usually applies to players. But we truly devoted fans know the truth: Each defensive stop the Suns make is a direct result of how loud we cheer. Every three pointer drained comes from how hard we clap. Every offensive surge can be traced to just how much we believe, and how many good vibes we send to the players on the floor. Fans affect the game. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon us as well to honor the sports superstition and Not Mess With A Winning Streak.

The Suns, having won the last game in their playoff series with the Spurs, are on a winning streak. And I’m not messing with it. I’m doing everything, every day, exactly the way I did it the day the Suns won Game 2.

Unfortunately, the Suns won Game 2 on Tuesday. Game 3 won’t take place until Saturday (a potentially momentum-destroying bit of scheduling that pleases me not at all). That means:

• My last shower was Tuesday morning. Today I walked past my last surviving houseplant, and it said, “Forget it,” collapsed, and died. Yesterday I pitched an animated series to a network here in Los Angeles, and was turned down when the executive said the series, “just didn’t smell right – er, feel right, for our network.” He seemed very distracted during my presentation by his own retching.


• I’ve been wearing the same clothes since Tuesday morning. On the positive side, it sure cuts down on laundry costs, and I just have to look at my shirt to remember every single meal I’ve had since breakfast on the 8th. On the negative side, my friends have scheduled an intervention for me on Sunday, whether the Suns win or lose Game 3.


• This morning, my beard got caught in my vacuum cleaner (We Superfans push out so much energy rooting for our teams that we frequently experience accelerated hair growth). Oh well, at least some part of me is clean.


• Since Tuesday, I’ve had the exact same set of meals every day. Mac and cheese for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch, mac and cheese for dinner. Of course, this is true even when the Suns aren’t on a winning streak, so no big deal there.


• I’ve been listening to the same music now for four days, and I have to say, taking his catalog as a whole, Barry Manilow is kind of overrated.

Personally, of course, I hope the Suns sweep the remainder of the series against the Spurs, take the Western Conference Finals in four straight, then power through the NBA Finals in another four games. My girlfriend, supportive as she is, wants the Suns to win as much as I do, but I don’t think she wants to see it play out in the same way. After all, if my dream scenario comes true, I won’t be showering until mid-June.

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