Marshall Should Remind You of a Certain Suns Guard

A rumor spread on Twitter Wednesday that it was Back to the Future day. People had the right idea, but the wrong date on the calendar. Thursday, at least in Phoenix, was truly back to the future for your Suns. Before my fellow internet nerds correct me, yes, I realize the actual day that Marty McFly fast forwards to is October 26, 2015, but on June 28, 2012 the Suns took a page from the past while looking toward the future.

That’s because, on that night in New Jersey’s Prudential Center (something that isn’t usually the normal for the NBA Draft), they selected a 6-3 guard who was known for his passing with a mid-first-round draft pick, despite already having an all-time franchise point guard. It’s something they did in 1996, too. [Read more...]