Suns One on One: Ann Meyers Drysdale

In this edition of Suns One on One Greg Esposito takes on basketball hall of famer and Suns television broadcaster Ann Meyers Drysdale.

He met up with Ann in her office on the fourth floor of the US Airways Center as she prepared for her first time on air as a member of the Suns television broadcast team. As he walked into her modest sized office decorated with pictures of her three children and her deceased husband, baseball hall of fame pitcher Don Drysdale, he noticed many folders strewn across her desk. All of them included the names, statistics and biographical information of players on the Suns and that night’s opponents the Detroit Pistons. As she looked up from writing her notes on the sea of manila, the first thing Ann said to him was that she was nervous for her first broadcast just a matter of hours away. [Read more...]