Hollywood Star: Jared Dudley

If you’ve been to the movies over the last few weeks or watched television you may have seen someone that looked slightly familiar flash on the screen for a brief second during the previews. The trailer was for what looks like a raunchy romp called Movie 43, and it stars big names such as Emma Stone, Terrence Howard, Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Common, Seth MacFarlane, Kate Winslet, Jared Dudley, Hugh Jackman and more.

That’s right, that face you thought you recognized, but weren’t sure, was Suns forward Jared Dudley. The Suns swingman, who co-stars — alright appears is probably a more accurate description — in the film with Howard and others. Don’t worry though, the role wasn’t much of a stretch, he just had to play a basketball player.

“It was basketball-related and Terrence Howard was in it so I just gave up an afternoon,” he said. “I was there three or four hours, did the same scene about a hundred times and got out of there.”

While Dudley spent roughly three hours filming his scene, he’ll appear in the film for around three minutes. While he knew his part would be small in the movie, he didn’t realize just how big the names in the rest of the movie would be or how big of an effort it takes to get it all done.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this big,” Dudley said with amazement. “ I didn’t know all these actors were going to be in it.

“It’s kind of cool seeing that. Actors gained my respect so much. I had one line and I’m going to be in the movie for two minutes, but those actors that put months upon months in I have a different respect for.”

Will they have respect for his performance though? Dudley seems to think so. When you ask him on a scale of one to five stars to rate his performance, he gives a pretty honest, yet gracious, assessment.

“Three and a half [stars],” he said with a chuckle. “I definitely carried the other athletes, Corey Brewer and Larry Sanders. I’m going to go see it. It’s kind of cool to go see a movie I’m in for a split section.”

It’s no surprise that, as a big movie fan, Dudley may have caught the acting bug. Does that mean we can expect him to star in any other films anytime soon?

“I’m trying to work something out with Space Jam 2,” he said sarcastically. “Hopefully I’m going to be in it. We’ll see.”

Indeed we’ll see. He may not be Michael Jordan on the court, but maybe he can outdo him on the big screen. We’ll find out Friday when Movie 43 debuts in theaters.