Suns Look for Answers for Blown Leads

(Courtesy of Alvin Gentry)

(Courtesy of Alvin Gentry)

It wasn’t like we were just handed the Pentagon Papers or the original copy of the Mitchell Report, but when Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry gave fellow members of the media and I a printout that breaks down the recent epidemic of blown leads, it caught our attention. [Read more...]

Day in the Life of a GM: Communication

When Kerr became a GM, he sought out the advice of Gregg Popovich.
(D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty Images)

Since the advent of fantasy basketball, everybody believes that they can be a GM. Most fans have visions of a man maniacally working deals on the phone and using a staff of MIT grads to crack stats. So in order to dispel all (most) the myths, Suns President of Basketball Operations and GM Steve Kerr told what his days are like. [Read more...]