Retro Retorter’s Notebook: Suns Vs. Mavs


One Hour Before Game: On the court an hour before the game. Dan Majerle, in his Suns warmup t-shirt, was on the court with his son within five feet of former foe Reggie Miller, who was in his shirt and tie for TNT. When I asked him who would win in a 3-point shoot out right now he said “Me, because he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt.” Got to love Thunder’s sense of humor.

Minutes Before Tipoff: Packed crowd and all on their feet for the starting lineups. The song “Work Hard. Play Hard” is in the intro video. Sums up this team and probably most of the people spending their money to be in the building tonight.

First Quarter:

11:32: Satisfaction guaranteed? Yeah, that’s a great start with the alley-oop from Beasley to Gortat. Which may be the first and only time that phrase is ever said in the NBA.

9:29: For a good time Alvin Gentry has called on Markieff Morris and Michael Beasley so far. Keef has four points and four rebounds and Bease has three points and two assists of his own. [Read more...]