FOUR! Scola Searching For New Number

The most popular question among online Suns fans hasn’t been how Luis Scola will fit in with the team, what he thinks about Phoenix or how he’s doing since his divorce from Katy Perry (Oh, never mind, that was Russell Brand). Rather, the one thing fans wanted to know more than anything else was exactly what number the Argentine forward will be wearing come October. It’s a question that even he doesn’t have the answer to. [Read more...]

Marshall's (Numeric) Plan

We just met you, and this is crazy, but what’s your number, tell us maybe?

All right, no pop star – or is that one hit wonder – will be making a song about rookie point guard Kendall Marshall and what number he’ll decide to wear in the NBA, but it is a question fans have been asking and tweeting about for the better part of two weeks.

Sure, it may seem like a trivial thing, like whether or not Green Day’s “21 Guns” sounds like the Full House theme song (it does), but it’s something fans of both Marshall and the Suns take seriously. [Read more...]