How to Train Like a Sun

Phillips shows athletes how to “step up” their games in the weight room.

Brad G. Faye/

Last year, I wrote how you can train like Steve Nash. This year, I tried to become Steve Nash…

I always believed that if you really want to know or do something, you need to do it yourself. So when people ask me how NBA players work out during the offseason, I figured I needed to experience it personally.

As a former basketball player in college as well as overseas, I’ve had several strength and conditioning coaches in my career, but I’ve never had the privilege of being guided by anyone as talented as the gurus on the Suns’ training staff. Their methods are simple, but drawn off a thorough and intricate underlying philosophy. They treat every athlete individually, tailoring every workout to their specific bodies and goals.

But when I underwent my workout with head strength and conditioning coach Erik Phillips, I performed the same workout that every new Suns player undergoes when they arrive in Phoenix. From that workout, my medical history, my goals and the length of my offseason, Erik would then prescribe me an individual workout, that over time, would consist of three phases: [Read more...]