Blackouts, Rainouts and Sporting Events, Oh My

While watching the blackout strike during the big game in New Orleans on Sunday we at remembered that Phoenix fans once had to endure something similar at the old Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Except they never got to see the end of the game thanks to Mother Nature. We went back into the archives and found the article to share with you.

At 7 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 6, 1974, things were looking up at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.

Except the “things” were the estimated 5,000 spectators at the Suns’ exhibition game against the Portland Trailblazers, and what they were looking up at was the Coliseum’s leaky roof.

A steady rain and constant drip on the Coliseum’s floor forced the cancellation of star rookie Bill Walton’s Phoenix debut after more than an hour-and-a-half of waiting.

The game was canceled to avoid the risk of players falling on the wet floor – something that had happened a few years earlier in Seattle to Supersonics’ star forward Spencer Haywood. The Sonics sued the city, the operator of their arena, and reached a substantial out-of-court settlement. [Read more...]

Dragic Isn’t the Only Slovenian Sports Star

The phrase “it’s a small world” has been proven time and time again. It’s apparently even smaller when you’re from Slovenia a country of only has 2 million citizens. [Read more...]

Hollywood Star: Jared Dudley

If you’ve been to the movies over the last few weeks or watched television you may have seen someone that looked slightly familiar flash on the screen for a brief second during the previews. The trailer was for what looks like a raunchy romp called Movie 43, and it stars big names such as Emma Stone, Terrence Howard, Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Common, Seth MacFarlane, Kate Winslet, Jared Dudley, Hugh Jackman and more.

That’s right, that face you thought you recognized, but weren’t sure, was Suns forward Jared Dudley. The Suns swingman, who co-stars — alright appears is probably a more accurate description — in the film with Howard and others. Don’t worry though, the role wasn’t much of a stretch, he just had to play a basketball player.

“It was basketball-related and Terrence Howard was in it so I just gave up an afternoon,” he said. “I was there three or four hours, did the same scene about a hundred times and got out of there.”

While Dudley spent roughly three hours filming his scene, he’ll appear in the film for around three minutes. While he knew his part would be small in the movie, he didn’t realize just how big the names in the rest of the movie would be or how big of an effort it takes to get it all done.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this big,” Dudley said with amazement. “ I didn’t know all these actors were going to be in it.

“It’s kind of cool seeing that. Actors gained my respect so much. I had one line and I’m going to be in the movie for two minutes, but those actors that put months upon months in I have a different respect for.”

Will they have respect for his performance though? Dudley seems to think so. When you ask him on a scale of one to five stars to rate his performance, he gives a pretty honest, yet gracious, assessment.

“Three and a half [stars],” he said with a chuckle. “I definitely carried the other athletes, Corey Brewer and Larry Sanders. I’m going to go see it. It’s kind of cool to go see a movie I’m in for a split section.”

It’s no surprise that, as a big movie fan, Dudley may have caught the acting bug. Does that mean we can expect him to star in any other films anytime soon?

“I’m trying to work something out with Space Jam 2,” he said sarcastically. “Hopefully I’m going to be in it. We’ll see.”

Indeed we’ll see. He may not be Michael Jordan on the court, but maybe he can outdo him on the big screen. We’ll find out Friday when Movie 43 debuts in theaters.

Managing Partner Robert Sarver on Arizona Sports 620

Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver joined Burns and Gambo Wednesday on Arizona Sports 620 to discuss the hiring of Lindsey Hunter and the future of the franchise.

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Suns One On One: Lindsey Hunter

Suns One On One host Greg Esposito caught up with newly named interim head coach Lindsey Hunter after his first practice. The two discuss Hunter’s youth in Mississippi, beating the odds, his 17-year NBA career and winning championships and his desire to coach in the NBA.

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Ten Things About Lindsey Hunter

His No. 11 jersey is retired at Jackson State following a three-year college playing career with the Tigers. Perhaps the most famous athlete to ever come out of Jackson State is former Chicago Bears runningback Walter Payton.

  • Selected with the 10th overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft in a class that included Chris Webber, Anfernee Hardaway and Jamal Mashburn.
  • Has played with all-time greats including Isiah Thomas and Shaquille O’Neal, and coached by greats including Phil Jackson and Larry Brown.
  • Captured two championships during his NBA playing career – one with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002, and another with the Detroit Pistons in 2004.
  • During his playing career, Hunter became one of just four NBA players (Derek Fisher, Mickey Johnson and Damon Jones) in history to play in all 82 games for three different teams.
  • When he retired with the Bulls in 2010, Hunter was the NBA’s oldest player at 39. In Chicago, the playmaker was teammates with Derrick Rose who at the time was just 21, and was just four years younger than his head coach Vinny Del Negro.
  • With Phoenix, Hunter becomes the third youngest coach in the NBA behind Orlando’s Jacque Vaughn and Indiana’s Frank Vogel.
  • Lindsey Hunter is the 15th head coach in Suns history.
  • At 6’2, Hunter is shorter than any Phoenix Suns player with the exception of Sebastian Telfair.
  • A collector of automobiles, Hunter owned his own custom car shop in Detroit which specialized in auto detailing and refurbishing.

Pick N’ Pop: Dudley on Epic Movies

In every edition of Pick N’ Pop, catches up with a member of the Suns family to discuss personal preferences in all things pop culture. As always, we encourage you to check out our lists, watch the video for some elaboration and weigh in with your opinion in the comment section below. [Read more...]

Suns May Have Played Last Game Ever

Well that’s it! After 3,586 games, the Phoenix Suns’ franchise has officially come to an end. That is if you believe the Mayan sports schedule. According to our ancient friends from the south, Friday is the final day of the season. That is, every season known to man.

If they’re right, the curtain will fall on the world and Planet Orange. Yes, the Suns will have played their final game in franchise history on Wednesday and what a way to go out! [Read more...]

Dudley’s Monster Dunk

Jared Dudley set his season goal for dunks at 20. Well, he only has 18 more to go after this monster crush versus the Memphis Grizzlies.

Was this Dudley’s best dunk of his career? Tell us in the comment section below.

Dragic: “Inside my blood. I love basketball.”

Gerald Bourguet is a guest contributor from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State.

Goran Dragic grew up wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. But a leg injury and his mother’s urging pointed him down the path toward eventually replacing Phoenix Suns legend Steve Nash.

The new starting point guard for the Suns began his athletic career on a soccer pitch in Slovenia, but his journey detoured to the hardwood of the NBA. This road would take him from Slovenia to Spain to Phoenix to Houston and back to Phoenix, but Dragic is finally where he wants to be.

“It’s just inside me,” he said. “Inside my blood. I love basketball.” [Read more...]