I’ve Seen the Future and It Includes Purple

I’ve seen the future.

As a fan inside the organization you get the opportunity to see things, whether you’re supposed to or not, that other fans don’t necessarily get a chance to. You get a look behind the proverbial curtain that you can only dream about as a child. It’s things like seeing inside the locker room and the training room. Getting to know the players and sitting down to have conversations with the legends of the team. Sometimes you even get a chance to help shape the future of the organization in one way or another. I’ve been privileged to get to do all of those things in my brief time working for the team.

Some fans haven’t been happy as of late. I can understand why. You may feel unlistened to or hurt for one reason or another. You’re entitled to your feelings, but I can tell you this, don’t believe everything you read or see. It may not exactly be true. [Read more...]