Growing Up Dudley

The four years a person spends in high school are the most formative of their life. At least that’s what the experts say. You grow and mature both mentally and physically so much so that by the end of that period of your life you’re barely recognizable. The people you interact with, and the school you attend, go a long way to forming who you’ll become in life. [Read more...]

Optimism Reigns on Day 1 of Training Camp

The opening day for anything brings the most optimism. The first day a blockbuster movie comes out, people line up for tickets thanks to weeks and months of marketing and anticipation (See: Why I spent nine hours in a Dark Knight marathon).

The first day of school is when a child is most excited to see friends and meet a new teacher. A person’s first kiss is unlike anything they’ll ever experience again. In the NBA, the first day of training camp comes with a similar sense of anticipation and hopefulness. It’s the day when all 30 teams in the league are standing on similar footing. It’s when everyone is undefeated, literally and metaphorically. [Read more...]