The Suns Meet Hunger Games

There was one event that was talked about more than any other this weekend. It wasn’t the NCAA Elite Eight. 90 degree heat or even the return of Don Draper’s raging libido (although it finished a close second). The thing that made many grown men and women around the country transform into high school girls at a Katy Perry concert was the premiere of the film The Hunger Games.

For those of you who haven’t read the book because your idea of heavy reading is getting through a full Grantland article or cracking open a magazine — present company included — both the book and the film are about a post-apocalyptic America separated into 12 districts. Every year each district is represented by one individual in a televised fight to the death. The concept is interesting to say the least, although not completely original. It is similar to the 1980’s movie Running Man and Stephen King’s 1970’s novel The Long Walk.

But what if the idea were put into a sports context. Cue your inner Eminem… Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to save your life who would you ask to capture it or let it slip away? [Read more...]

Steve Nash Takes On The Oscars

It’s no secret that Steve Nash is a fan of film. You’ve seen and laughed at his viral videos and you’ve more than likely seen the documentary he helped produce for ESPN’s 30-for-30 series (if you haven’t, we highly recomend it). But what does he think about the year’s biggest movies?

Although he may be on the court in Orlando Sunday night for the NBA All-Star game and not watching the Oscars, Tara Hitchcock, as the first feature on her new website, sat down with the man who is no stranger to receiving awards to talk about who he thinks will take home the gold statues.

Retorter's Notebook: No Love Between Suns-Lakers

Kobe Bryant likes the Phoenix Suns about as much as Lady Gaga liked Adele winning Grammys. Which is to say, not at all.

I’m not just making an assumption. He’s actually told the media as much. [Read more...]

The Human Side of the Suns

Sports is escapism.

We become fans of a team to forget about the day to day grind that is most of our lives. We live and die with the athletes. We over analyze their every move. We call for coaches jobs and question players ability and desire. As sports fans, we’re basically Simon Cowell while the athletes’ are American Idol — wait it’s now X-Factor — contestants. [Read more...]

My Sunny Valentine

The Bulls are red. The Rockets are too. Unless you wear purple or orange though, I don’t care for you.

I’m pretty sure that was the gist of the very first Valentine’s Day poem I ever wrote back in the third grade. See, I’ve always been in enthralled with the Phoenix Suns long before they ever gave me a paycheck (and unfortunately it’s not the seven-figure one third grade me thought I’d be getting as the starting power forward). [Read more...]

Suns Celebrate Steve Nash's Birthday

What do you get the 38 year old guy who has two MVPs, an all-time franchise assist record and the hair of a 1970s California surfer to commemorate his birth? If you’re his teammates a pink gorilla with a guitar and a singing rookie seems to do the trick. [Read more...]

The Curious Case of Steve Nash

He may not have entered the world, or the NBA for that matter, looking like an old man, but Steve Nash certainly has had a Benjamin Button-esque career arc. Like the basketball version of a fine glass of wine, or Betty White, he’s only gotten better and more popular with age. [Read more...]

Report: Nash Likely To Play Against Hornets

It looks like Steve Nash’s quest for history won’t be put on hold for yet another evening.

As was first reported by the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro midday Wednesday , the Suns guard is expected give it a go tonight against the Hornets despite a left thigh bruise that kept him out against the Mavericks on Monday. [Read more...]

Just Seven Stand Between Nash and KJ


Mathematicians hear it and they think the fourth prime number and a double Mersenne prime at that (or so we’re told). To others it represents luck and happiness. And If you say it to fans of pop culture? Well, it conjures up images of the film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and inevitably leads to someone shouting the line “What’s in the box?”

If you say seven to many Suns fans, visions of breathtaking passes, emphatic dunks over men the size of Kanye West’s ego (or at least the one he portrays in commercials), lighting-fast crossovers and a fade cut instantly come to mind. [Read more...]

Nash And Dudley Up For Award Based on Characters

The NBA has a lot more than 140 characters that play in it but not all of them can show their personality and express themselves in 140 characters or less.

The Phoenix Suns’ roster is full of character guys, but it also just happens to be home to more than a few guys who have mastered the art of the tweet the way Charles Barkley has mastered the art of making jokes at the expense of Ernie Johnson. Whether it’s directly communicating with fans, sharing humorous anecdotes or rooting for one of their favorite soccer clubs — we’re looking at you @SteveNash — they’ve used the new media medium as a platform to connect with people across the globe. [Read more...]