Archie Goodwin not shying from proving critics wrong

Archie Goodwin is glad to be in Phoenix, but the 28 teams that passed on him in the Draft may not be.

There are two sides to every athlete. There’s the side that stays politically correct. Then there’s the side that bypasses the public filter and says what’s really on his/her mind. [Read more...]

Day 4: Family and Shoes Above Everything

Day 4

It’s no secret Suns Head Coach Jeff Hornacek is a family man. He ended his NBA career while he still had more than a few miles left on the tires to watch his kids grow, and postponed his second career in coaching so he could see them through high school.

In a generation where the words “husband” and “father” conjure up images of less than stellar examples such as Homer Simpson, Walter White, Peter Griffin and Don Draper, Hornacek is cut from a much different cloth. Think of the television fathers of the ‘80s and ‘90s like Dr. Cliff Huxtable, Danny Tanner, Steven Keaton and Jason Seaver, and you’ll have something closer to the Suns’ coach’s approach. [Read more...]

Vegas: The Return

Try working with that going on outside your window.
(Daniel Banks/

After declaring to my five loyal readers that I’d never work in Vegas again last year, I find myself once again typing away from the 30th floor of the Palms Hotel and Resort in Sin City. I guess that’s the masochist in me. [Read more...]