Jared Dudley Talks Twitter

In what turned out to be a lot more than 140 characters, Suns forward Jared Dudley told Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick all about his fascination with Twitter.

There are few currently on the Suns who rival Dudley’s proficiency on the social media outlet. It has become a vehicle for him to show fans everywhere a sneak peek into his personality. [Read more...]

Nash And Dudley Up For Award Based on Characters

The NBA has a lot more than 140 characters that play in it but not all of them can show their personality and express themselves in 140 characters or less.

The Phoenix Suns’ roster is full of character guys, but it also just happens to be home to more than a few guys who have mastered the art of the tweet the way Charles Barkley has mastered the art of making jokes at the expense of Ernie Johnson. Whether it’s directly communicating with fans, sharing humorous anecdotes or rooting for one of their favorite soccer clubs — we’re looking at you @SteveNash — they’ve used the new media medium as a platform to connect with people across the globe. [Read more...]

Nash Named "Tweeter of the Year"

Taking the lead from teammate Jared Dudley, Suns guard Steve Nash was named Hoops Hype’s first-ever “Tweeter of the Year” for 2011. Dudley, who was recognized as the Most Valuable Tweeter in a blog on HoopsHype in 2009, was there as Nash accepted this inaugural award. [Read more...]

Nash Conducts Twitterview


Just as savvy in multi-media world as he is on the court, Steve Nash conducted an interview via Twitter on Wednesday for all of his tweeple. [Read more...]

Shaq Takes On Krispy Kreme

The offseason can be a long time to keep up healthy habits. No one knows this better than 17-year veteran Shaquille O’Neal. [Read more...]