It began as an attempt at some comedic content for our Suns Live Pregame Show. But now it has grown into something much bigger and possibly life-altering for Tom Chambers.

Back in September, The Basketball Hall of Fame held their first-ever golf tournament at The Wigwam Resort in Litchfield. A star-studded list of HOFers showed up: Julius Erving, Clyde Drexler, Rick Barry, Calvin Murphy, and Ralph Sampson just to name a few.

We thought: “What about TC?” What if Tom Chambers crashed the tournament trying to break into the club? That might make for a hilarious feature. But actually, the more we thought about it, the more we became disgruntled that TC has not actually earned a ticket into The Hall. As we did in the pregame show before the Suns faced the Lakers, if you compare TC’s numbers with those of newly inducted Chris Mullin, he has a legitimate case.

I had an animated conversation with Eddie Johnson and Alvin Gentry who both felt that if you had to game-plan against either Chambers or Mullin, you would definitely be more fearful of trying to stop TC. No disrespect to Mullin, but Chambers was a much more intimidating force to oppose. There were far more colorful descriptions of the ultra-competitive Chambers used by EJ and Coach, but those will be revealed in our next HBO uncensored series.

So with Chambers willing to have some fun at his own expense, we taped a very funny piece out at The Wigwam(see video). But at the same time, I asked all those HOFers to give me their true feelings on the Suns legend. Their comments proved that TC is indeed Hall worthy. And thanks to our social media guru, Greg Esposito, began a twitter campaign : #TCforHOF.

Those were the letters on the back of the shirt that Tom wore out to the golf course. On the front was an amazing photo of his dunk over Mark Jackson.

So now, after blowing-up that night, the twitter campaign is off and running. Who knows where this will go, but if it shakes-up the Hall and calls attention to the legitimacy of TC’s candidacy, all the better.

In the meantime, one thing I know for sure: those shirts are a hot item. After our shows that night, TC and a few of us went out for a late bite to eat. As we walked into one local watering hole, a group of people immediately yelled out to TC: “Where can we get those shirts?? They are awesome!” And so is my guy, TC.

Do you think Chambers should make the hall? Let us know in the comments.

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