Spending four days in a makeshift room inside of a college student union will do strange things to a person’s brain. Especially when said person is fueling themselves with nothing but cafeteria food and any caffeinated beverage they can get their hands on. Early mornings that turn into late nights surrounded by other media members tapping at their keyboards so furiously that it sounds like some kind of old school factory, leads the mind to strange places. Places where they find comparisons between the oddest things.

Case in point, comparing the newcomers on the Phoenix Suns’ roster and new the shows on television this year. Such is life at Grand Canyon University for Suns Training Camp.

That’s right, on Day 5 of my Suns camping trip it’s time to examine how the new additions look based on the most scientific metric available to me, television (I was a liberal arts major in college; science wasn’t exactly my strong suit).

Markief Morris: Homeland

After watching Markieff Morris on the court during the first few practices, I think it is safe to compare him to the breakout hit from Showtime. He seems to be gritty and capable of mixing it up down low. Like the acting on the show, he shows great range and a willingness to grow and improve.

If he keeps it up he could surprise people and easily be one of the best rookies of the season. Something fans of Homeland can say, as well.

Shannon Brown: X-Factor

Both the show and Brown are all about the wow moments and so far, neither have disappointed. Since joining the team a few practices into camp, Brown has shown flashes of the athleticism that has made him a favorite on highlight packages across the country. During Tuesday evening’s practice he had a breakaway dunk during 5-on-5 drills that would have made SportsCenters Top 10 if it had happened in a game (unfortunately ESPN doesn’t work many training camp plays into their broadcast).

Like the show, his game may seem familiar. An athletic guard, who can run the floor and isn’t afraid to shoot isn’t exactly new in Phoenix, but don’t be fooled. Just like the show isn’t American Idol, he isn’t quite like anything you’ve seen before. This isn’t the triangle and likely won’t be the same Brown you saw in LA. His style of play fits great in the Suns’ offense — Coach Gentry said he’s already fitting in nicely — and expect it to show in his averages this season.

Whether he’s coming off the bench or starting, he could prove to be the X-Factor for the team this season and could put up big numbers just like the show has for FOX.

Sebastian Telfair: Terra Nova

The characters in the show and Telfair both moved looking for fresh starts. While the main characters in the show, the Shannon family, traveled back in time 85 million years to find their new life, Telfair only had to travel to the Valley from Minnesota (although, at least weather wise, the two are certainly worlds apart).

Telfair’s game is fast paced and was critically acclaimed early on. The same can be said for Terra Nova. Both are on one-year deals and will battle for a place in their respective lineups, but have the potential to put up big numbers on any given night.

Grant Hill: Arrested Development

OK, so I’m cheating on this one. Arrested Development technically isn’t a new show and didn’t even air this fall, but, like Grant Hill, it was announced recently that it will be returning on a one-year deal.

Both are loved by the harshest of critics, extremely smart and immensely entertaining. They also are older and were on the shelf for many years despite having millions of fans.

Like Arrested Development, fans should be excited to see another season from Hill. In camp he’s looked good and has continued to be a great influence on the younger guys on the team.

The show is back for one season before going on to bigger things, a movie. It’s not clear how many seasons that Hill has left, but everyone at camp knows that once his career ends, there certainly are bigger things on the horizon for him, as well.

Like I said, the mind goes to strange places when sequestered at Suns camp. But one thing is clear, the guys added to the roster will likely be in a position to entertain fans watching on television this season, much like the shows listed above.

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  • mat turner aka lowercase

    Wonderful to hear how ‘smaller’ pieces are fitting in!! Had reservations on Telfair… remember him being the “next big thang’ with the ESPN doc of his high school acclaim… Brown can be ‘unleashed’ being away from Zen-Master’s structure, looking 4 hi-lights every nite from that kid! Enjoyed the read Greg! Glad you think #OutsideTheTube ehh, box! hehe