Check out the February issue of Fast Company magazine for writer Chuck Salter’s article on Steve Nash’s non-basketball business interests, which include a little bit of everything these days.

When he’s not attacking the lane or draining threes on a gamenight, look for the two-time NBA MVP everywhere — from his movie and TV cameos to social media networking and, of course, his rapidly expanding filmmaking ventures.

Before you go thinking that No. 13 is doing it all to build up his portfolio (although I can think of a lot potential employers who would jump at the chance to hire this particular 35-year-old go-getter), Nash admits that the added personal exposure can only benefit his charity foundation.

“I didn’t want the attention for a long time,” Nash said after today’s practice, “but I realized that if I wanted a foundation that could grow, I needed to realize my goals through different ventures. And those added a lot of value.”

To read the entire article in Fast Company, CLICK HERE.

To watch some of Nash’s short films, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Nash’s foundation, CLICK HERE.


    With all the negative publicity in the NBA right now, isn’t it great to hear about someone like Nash once in awhile. Good job Steve, if a role model, other than ones parents or grandparents was required, you would be it. Even though I blog about your horrible defense all the time you are still the best assist man in the league. Now you can add in life to that compliment.

  • krov

    nice steve!