Well, the boys are streaking again. Ten in a row after a magical night in Memphis. What an intense experience being blocks away from the Lorraine Hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and soaking-up the history and the respectful presentation the Grizzlies team produced on his holiday.

  Kurt Thomas could be out from 3-6 weeks after an elbow injury in Monday night’s win over the Grizzlies.
(Barry Gossage/NBAE Photos)

I was mesmerized by the video at halftime depicting MLK Jr’s life and impact. Then Patti Labelle came out and sang “New Attitude,” which also describes the Grizzlies’ team under Tony Barone. The game turned-out to be quite the scoring-fest: 137-122. Now that was entertainment! Amare thoroughly dominated the 3rd quarter and put on a show that is as close to his form of two seasons ago that we have seen so far.

But the evening was tainted by the loss of Kurt Thomas, who came crashing down in the 1st quarter. We’ve been told he’s out anywhere from 3-6 weeks with the left elbow injury. It blew up like a balloon moments after the fall.

Great story, though. Kurt popped-up and began to head to the free throw line. I saw he and Nash laughing and figured Steve must have said something funny to ease Kurt’s pain. Well, after the game, both guys said it was actually Amare who made them laugh. “Dr. Stoudemire” reportedly went to Kurt right after the fall and told Kurt to “squeeze my hand” with his injured limb – apparently to test the severity of the injury. Well, Kurt and Nash got a big kick out of their teammate and his grasp of “modern medicine,” or attempt at a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the end result is no laughing matter. The Suns will now turn to Boris for more minutes at the “5 spot” and Marion picks-up more minutes at the power forward position. Worked quite well last season!

Kurt left the team to have an MRI back in Phoenix. We will miss his presence. I have been with the team 14 years now and he has become one of my all-time favorites in terms of professionalism and just a wonderfully approachable person. He is warm, friendly and just a solid guy. I have to admit that when he came over from New York, I was expecting a menacing, surly sort. I couldn’t have been more wrong. But don’t mess with him on the court!

Meanwhile, a day off here in Houston, where it is bitterly cold and windy – we’re told it’s no different in Phoenix! I tried to catch a movie with our producer, David Hughes, but after walking a mile and a half in the frigid conditions, we found the theatre closed! “Blood Diamond” will have to wait for another day. I know Raja Bell really enjoyed the flick… and was so impacted that he is thinking twice about buying diamonds anymore. Must be a powerful film.

Looking forward to heading home and hooking back up with Tom Chambers at the Bud Light Paseo Friday Night. Hopefully he will leave his Beaver-pelt cap at home this time. You have to admit, it took great courage to wear that thing on live TV! He must be very secure with himself. That’s my guy…TC.

See you all on the tube Wednesday night vs the Rockets (6:30 p.m., My45).



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