When the trade first went down, an ESPN Poll indicated that 71% of the country thought it was a bad trade for Phoenix. At first blush, I must admit I did as well. After watching Shaq during his time in the Valley of the Sun, I have started to change my thinking.

I am convinced that Steve Kerr had to “go for it”. The move gives the Suns a chance to win the title and offsets what the Lakers were able to pull off getting Pau Gasol from Memphis. Having said all that, I can’t quite get my arms around what it is going to look like with the “Diesel” in a Suns Uniform. Shaq brings a magnetic personality, a bigger than life presence to the Suns. Does he have anything left in the tank? The Suns Medical Staff was pleasantly suprised how good his hip looked and feel they can get him rolling.

I’m like the guy who just bought a brand new sports car and can’t wait to drive it. I can’t wait for Shaq to make his debut!!! If you think its surreal now, wait until that night he comes onto the floor with his new teammates. I get chills just thinking about it!

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